The Ultimate Decor Using Wallpaper

Wallpapers are increasingly becoming the standard home or office decor and many people are shifting from the traditional paint to this exciting choice. Using wallpaper can help give your room a high class and lively look within a short time. The innovation in the wallpaper decor field has resulted in a variety high quality designs you can choose from. There a couple of things you may need to know when considering wallpaper for decorating your home and include.

Decor Using Wallpaper

Advantages of Using Wallpaper for Decor

Your bedroom or office may seem to be perfect in your eyes but the boost wallpaper will give it may take your breath away. Here are several benefits of covering the walls with exquisite wallpapers.
- They hide the imperfections in your wall like unevenness, stains and paint issues making the wall as good as new
- Wallpapers last up to three times longer than painting and thus cost-effective in the long run
- They are an extension of your personality revealing what you stand for, are interested in and perception of life for instance serene nature or wildlife wallpapers
- Wide variety of options you have in patterns, designs, colors and the whether it’s part of a wall or the whole wall
- Wallpapers are coated making it easy to clean as opposed to paint that may fade or change after repeated episodes of cleaning
- The enhancement the wallpaper gives the room to make it look bigger, warmer or calm is incredible

Evolution of Wallpapers

When you look at the earlier wallpapers, the simplicity they displayed is nothing compared to sophistication that current ones offer. There has been experimentation and innovation to deliver ever changing trends in wallpapers. The following have been the major milestones in wallpaper which are available for you today.

Simple Wallpapers

These simple designs are the most popular wallpapers in use today. They were the first in the market and do amazing work of decorating your wall without heavy expenditure. They range from plain colors, patterns to picturesque captures of a wide variety of things. They are easily available right here in Singapore.

3D Wallpapers

An enhancement of the original designs, this type is designed to look realistic with an illusion of depth. They are more expensive and less common than the other simple designs and have been a recent development.

Decor Using Wallpaper

Heat Reactive Wallpapers

Imagine wallpaper that changes according to the temperature of the room. It has been an amazing development in the wallpaper industry. Most of these are under testing but some are available on the market to give life to your wall.

Colour Changing

The less sophisticated version of the above type are those that are customized to change after a certain period of time. They give a room the uniqueness and eye catching look. Guests will be stunned by the sophistication of your wall.

How to Choose Perfect Wallpaper for Your Wall

Shopping for wallpaper needs to be as carefully done as you would when shopping for food. Yes, your tastes matters very much because besides visitors, you will be the person spending most of the time in its vicinity. Because it’s something you will have around for some time, taking care of the following can help you pick the perfect wallpaper;


There is a limitless variety of colours available and this may be challenging when shopping. Colours set the mood of the room besides speaking out your emotions according to scientific research. The colour you love often remains constant over a long time unlike many other emotions. When choosing a colour, consider:
- What is the colour pattern of what is in your house like seat, floor etc?
- What colour do you and other occupants of the house or office love?
- What mood do you want to give the room?


Creativity is what drives the wallpaper industry and therefore there is a large selection of designs you can pick from when shopping for wallpaper. Whether to use a floral design or any other design will depend on several things.
- Personal tastes
- Type of room, whether a bedroom, living room or an office
- Your budget that will determine whether you settle on simple patterns or on 3D designs
- Purpose of the wallpaper for instance whether to make the room bigger or whatever purpose you have in mind

Decor Using Wallpaper


An interesting feature of the wallpapers is themes which extend to virtually every field. You can have plain wallpaper or one that speaks a thousand words in just a single depiction of something. More and more people are moving from colours to breathtaking pictures of things they value that surround fields such as
- Wildlife
- Sports
- Recreation
- Weather
- Nature and scenery
- Art
- Architecture
- Automobiles
Depending on what your interests are and what you want to express, you can choose wallpapers that suit you best.

Room Type

A major factor in choosing wallpapers is the room you intend to hang it. A bedroom for instance will have wallpaper that expresses romance while the office will have wallpaper that reinforces formality. Wallpaper for your child’s room will need to be bright and exciting as opposed to calming wallpaper for the study room. Be sure to settle for what is best suited for your type of room to avoid having to change the wallpaper after a short while when you notice it’s not just the right thing for the room.


The final factor to consider is the cost of the wallpaper. They are cost effective as compared to paints but they may cost you more than what paint would. Simple designs as stated earlier are more affordable than the sophisticated 3D and light sensitive designs. Before you spend your money, just make sure it is the right type you want and won’t have to spend on others to replace a wrong choice.


Wallpapers have revolutionalized indoor decor turning the previously impossible imaginations into reality. You too can have the benefits of nice looking wallpaper when you choose correctly. The choices you make should be driven by your tastes, purpose and your budget. All the best as you give a new life to your walls.


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