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Wallpapers are materials used to decorate and cover interior walls of offices, homes, cafes, museums, post offices and government buildings in Singapore and other parts of the world. Wallpapers are usually sold in terms of rolls and are put on walls using a wallpaper paste. These days wallpapers are more attractive in terms of beautifying home. Wallpapers are easy, trendy and a more convenient way to change the look of the walls of a room. The primary purpose of wallpapers is to add style and beauty to the room. Wallpapers usually reflect creativity, style, personal taste, and preference of an individual.

About Wallpapers

There Are Various Types Of Wallpaper In Singapore Which Includes:

Common wallpaper

They are the original wallpaper. They are perfect wallpaper that usually adds elegance and grace to a home. They are difficult to remove and install. These wallpapers are mostly used in areas that are less damaged like the dining room, bedroom, and living room.

Vinyl wallpaper

They are suitable for any room walls like kitchen, bathrooms and any moist or humid place. Vinyl wallpaper is resistant to moisture. Many homeowners prefer it due to its durability and cost effectiveness. Another benefit of Vinyl wallpaper is that they are easy to peel off from the walls and to clean.

Foil wallpaper

They are popular among all the designers in Singapore. I t has an attractive design that has details on the wall. It requires much effort to be attached to the walls since once they are wrinkled or folded, they do not make the look great. One of the primary drawbacks of this wallpaper is that it does not hide any flaws or defects of the wall.

Folk wallpaper

They are the most suited wallpapers for the formal room such as dining areas which requires some decorative highlights. Folk wallpapers are available in different designs, color, textures, and patterns. They are washable but still can get damaged if scrubbed or rubbed. The make the walls to appear more beautiful and graceful.

Fabric wallpaper

They are attractive walls decor. These wallpapers are not laminated like the regular wallpapers. They are made of textiles and clothes. Fabric wallpapers work well with contemporary designs and usually bring warmth to big rooms. The main disadvantage of this wallpaper is that it 's hard to work with it and staining is a big problem to it.

Grass cloth wallpaper

This wallpaper is produced from woven grass. It is available in different interesting texture, and it gives a natural earthy feel to a room.

What to consider before buying a wallpaper in Singapore.

Measure your room
Ensure that you measure your house before buying a wallpaper. Experts suggest you that one should figure out the height and width of each wall of the room to get the square footage. After making that measurement then you should calculate the square footage of the area that will be left uncovered by the wallpaper like doors and windows and subtract them from the overall wall measurements.

About Wallpapers

Decide on the pattern and color

Before you buy a wallpaper, you are supposed to take a decision on the pattern you want to impact into your house. After making a clear decision then you can formulate your final plan as you move to the market to see which type of wallpaper is available and which suits you better.

Understand the vender's policy

Before you purchase a wallpaper, you are supposed to know the vender's policy so that if you find that the material you purchased did not meet your desire after installation, then the store will refund your purchase or even give you a portion of it.

The unit of measurement the vendor uses to Price

Make sure you understand the unit of measurement the vendor uses when pricing materials so that the cost is not a surprise when you place your order. Consider buying more than you think you may need for a couple of reasons. This extra amount can allow for any measurement mistakes or installation issues that you might experience at home.

Decide who will install The wallpaper

Decide whether you want to take on the installation yourself or have professional installers do the work for you. The installation process, and how you want that handled can be a factor in where you purchase your materials depending on whether the store offers professional assistance in your home.

The Importance of Choosing Reputable Wallpapers in Singapore

Elegance and beauty

The primary reason why most Singaporeans use reputable Wallpapers in their homes is that they help them to stand out from the crowd. Wallpapers usually come with an endless combination of colors, patterns, designs, fabric type and texture hence highly beautifies a home.

Easy to clean

Reputable wallpapers are coated making it easier for the house owner to clean them from the common household marks. This helps to make your wall covering become more durable than any paints which may fade after repeated scrubbings.

About Wallpapers

Long lasting and economical

Reputable wallpapers are cheap and durable. If you use a reliable wallpaper, you save a lot since they last longer without the need for replacement. Since wallpapers are supposed to match your furniture then changing them will mean that you should still replace your furniture. Due to this, it is prudent for you to buy reputable wallpapers to avoid regular changes of furniture which is an expensive task.

Reputable wallpapers are attractive

Many tenants are attracted to their houses because of the taste of their home interior decoration. Due to this, it advisable to install reputable wallpapers in your homes for you to have more tenants attracted to your premises in a very competitive market like that of Singapore.

Why You Should Hire A Reputable Company in Singapore To Supply you with wallpapers:


Wallpapers are things which are regularly changed when someone decides to redecorate the interior of a home. You are required to choose a reliable supplier who will be in a position to install the safety treatments before and after installing the wallpapers.

Knowledge and experience

A reputable company in Singapore have all the required Knowledge and expertise to enable them to choose and install the appropriate wallpapers based on the design of your home and your preferences.


A reputable Singapore company has employees who can design wallpapers uniquely by creative skills. They can be able to customize the facilities according to your needs as a client.


A reputable company in Singapore have different designs and materials wallpapers which they offer hence they cannot be limited in your choice.

Timely services

A reputable company in Singapore will offer appropriate services by ensuring that they carry out the task and complete it within the shortest duration possible.

If you are in need of wallpapers in Singapore, it is advisable for you to understand various types of wallpapers, know what to consider before buying a wallpaper and consider buying it in a reputable company in Singapore.


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