Choosing The Best Wallpaper For Your House

Do you want to give your house a new look? Or, you’re tired of the same painting over and over again? Well, wallpaper is another alternative to a better looking, classy and well-designed house. However, it works perfectly when you take your time to make the right choice of wallpaper for your house. It is not any kind of wallpaper that will fit well in your house, but rather the right choice. Hence, before you get down to the shop and purchase one for your house, do some pretty math, research and seek advice. Without much ado,

Best Wallpaper For Your House

Here are important tips to help you choose the right wallpaper for your house.

· Know the measurements of your house

It is quite good to know the size of your house, so that you’re able to buy the right size that fits it well. It could be frustrating to find that the wallpaper you purchased doesn’t fit all the sides of your targeted area. Before you shop for wallpaper, measure the size of your wall - both the height and width of the house. This will help you in getting the right size of wallpaper. Then, make sure to get an extra footage to cover for careless mistakes that might occur during the fixing of the wallpaper.

· Choose a suitable material

It is good to choose the right material depending on the area of application. Waterproof wallpapers are ideal for kitchens and washrooms - which could rightly serve well in those areas. Also, there are those types of wallpapers that are easily cleaned; like the vinyl-coated wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers are easily removed from a dry wall; they don’t leave any sticky paste on the wall. Just choose that material which generally suits your preference.

· Consider the style of your house.

Wallpapers fit well when they match the style of your room. A casual look could well fit your bedroom more than your sitting room; bedrooms are made for relaxation  which makes it fit to have bold and art related wallpapers with organic floral designs. If your house has that traditional look  with the traditional décor and furnishing, then go for the classic, fine detailed and calm wallpaper. Modern houses with sophisticated and detailed designs call for well detailed, colourful, and blocking colors that would perfectly bring out a well thought out look in your house.

Best Wallpaper For Your House

· Pay keen attention to color

Wallpapers come in different colors; from single block colors, to multiple colors. The kind of color you choose is dictated by the color of your furniture, ceiling, and floor. Color usually sets the mood of your room; it can either set a romantic mood, a serious mood, or a relaxation mood. Wallpapers that contain cool colors such as blue, violet or green show calmness. While bold colors such as red, yellow and orange bring the feeling of warmness and confidence in the house. For light-colored furniture, fix dark-colored wallpaper, while dark-colored furniture calls for light-colored wallpaper. On the other hand, smaller rooms look great with lighter color.

· Find the right design

Wallpapers can either be flat or textured in design. Textured wallpapers are more applicable in covering some imperfections in your wall. Actually, they give your wall a more casual and decorated look; which makes it fit for your bedroom. On the other hand, a flat design looks refined and less detailed, which makes it suitable for formal places, like the sitting room and entry area. If you appreciate and love art, bold wallpapers could work well for you; however, the kind of art work should perfectly be chosen to enhance the look of your room. Crafty designs are less noticeable, but more likely to give a long lasting appealing look in your house.

· Know the kind of wall in your house

Rough and uneven walls call for textured wallpapers which compromise roughness and the uneven look. While, flat wallpapers are good for smooth and fine walls the HDB or Condo homes in Singapore built after 1990 have good plastering and painting, which make them suitable for flat wallpapers. Also, you can decide to call a contractor to fix your rough wall, remove the stains, or remove old wallpaper for a flat wallpaper, otherwise, then go for the textured wallpaper such as the burlap, expanded vinyl, or a damask design behind a floral pattern.

Best Wallpaper For Your House

· Consider the lighting in the room

Dark rooms need bright colors; for reflection of light. Maximum reflection of light comes in when flat and smooth wallpapers are used. Textured wallpapers appear dark and make the room dull; which would be fit for rooms with good lighting; they usually compromise the excess light in the room.

· Have in mind the original appearance of your house

Wallpapers are made to improve the general appearance of your house. This also applies to the real size of your house. If your house is small, small-scale patterns bring a feeling of space, while large-scale patterns make it look smaller and more furnished – which is suitable for a large empty room, and combine it with bright colors and dark background. Then, smaller rooms require large patterns.

· Involve a professional

Choosing the right wallpaper can be tricky for you, especially when it comes to the mix and match part, as well as the design of the wallpaper. This could be made easy by a professional; who will give you the right advice for your wall. Also, let an expert fix the wallpaper for you they know how best to fit it, in order to bring in a good looking and attractive appearance in your house.

In conclusion

Fixing a wall paper in your house does not involve just purchasing wallpaper and fixing it in your wall. It requires setting the right choices for an attractive and appealing look of your house. This applies when all the above is put in to consideration. Ensure that the right size, color, design, material and match for your house are all well taken care of, before fixing the wall. Just don’t rush in to making decisions, take your time, and seek professional help.


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