Dressing your windows appropriately is an integral part of your room’s structure and design. They help you set a room’s tone, determining whether it is going to be comfortable, casual, formal, welcoming or elegant.

The type of curtains you choose will make a huge difference in how your interior looks and feels. Several factors determine the choice you will make ranging from objectives, room’s décor, architectural features, type of room, personal taste, window shape and size, privacy, comfort, light control and functionality.

Choosing the best curtain supplier therefore cannot be underestimated

Here is why you should choose us

We take the time to understand our client’s needs.
We facilitate open communication about what you like or dislike.
If you have pictures and examples, it makes it even easier to meet specific client needs.
We also factor in the number of pieces you will need and what will be custom made.
We know that we are often seen as the full visionaries of a particular project.
However, creative freedom is a plus for clients, and their input especially of fearless style has proved beneficial over time.
We have a great curtain collection and we will carry samples to a meeting to ensure that you make the right choice.
You are under no obligation to purchase.

We are reliable and install the safety treatments required when you change curtains when you are redecorating your home’s interior.
We will also install the curtains for you.

A common misconception is that hiring a curtain supplier will result in a higher budget.
We are realistic about finances and try our best to work within your budget.
However if it is too small or unrealistic to attain your goals, we will highlight it.
We talk about how to save and where to spend more, for instance on the fabric.
We also keep delivery fees and other things like storage into consideration.
We will help you prioritize your needs and wants, to ensure that you spend money wisely.
We will talk you out of buying expensive curtains that will not ultimately bring out the right design in your home.
We provide wiser alternatives.
Many clients can attest to the amount of money we have saved them.
We also have no hidden charges.

Over the years, we have served very many Singaporean individuals and companies, helping them make their houses, offices and apartments look great.
We have adequate experience and knowledge and we aim at customer satisfaction with the products and services we provide.
We build on the extensive knowledge we have acquired to provide even more beautiful and practical solutions to our clients that suit their budgets.
We will consider your property as a whole as we look at the most appropriate design for the different rooms.
We will choose and install the appropriate curtains depending on your home’s design, your style, and preferences.
We know everything about fabric, the latest designs, and styles thus will advice appropriately.
We go out of our way to carry out research to ensure that our curtains are trendy and relevant.

We can design your curtains for you.
We customize them to meet our client needs as we pride ourselves in our creative skills.
We will satisfy your needs as well as give new ideas that you can use in future.

We have a huge product catalogue, which showcases a wide variety of materials and design for your curtains, and accessories ensuring that you are not limited in your choice.
There are day curtains, organza curtains, blackout curtains, night curtains among many others.
Our staff is very knowledgeable and will help you choose the best curtains to meet your specific needs, style, design and preference.

We make the job of looking for the best curtains for your home, office, HDB or condo easier.
We will help you choose the curtains, supply them and install them.
Choosing a reputable supplier for your curtains will allow you to enjoy these after sale services and more.
We will for instance provide free transport to your condo, office or HDB.
You may also enjoy discounts when you want the curtains cleaned.

We do not charge exorbitantly for any service.
We will advise on the design and materials that will fit your budget and meet your needs.
Do not go for cheap material as it will require frequent replacement increasing maintenance costs.

We always ensure that we complete the job within the shortest time possible, allowing you to enjoy time with your family or the comfort of your home.

We are licensed to handle supply and installation of curtains.
We are fully insured, thus if your property gets damaged during operations, you will be compensated.
We also have the right skills for installation and conform to all regulations.

We are readily available.
All you need to do is contact us via phone or by sending us a message on our website.
Our website is operational for 24 hours daily.
This allows our clients to seek any clarifications.

We provide quotations on site based on your needs.
We will send some of our staff members to visit your site and prepare estimates.
We measure the places you need to change curtains.
We will respond to all your questions based on quotation, supply and installation.
We do not charge anything for consultation and quotation.
Whether you choose to hire a designer to help you decide on interesting color schemes or make your own decision based on style and preference, we still remain your premier choice for curtain supply and installation for residential or commercial property in Singapore.

We will ensure that you will find the perfect curtains for your windows as we have an array of quality products. We can also customize curtains for you. You can familiarize yourself with what’s trending online via reading articles online or even participating in forums. Whatever the approach, you need not look any further. Contact us today for value for your money.

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