The Different Types Of Wallpaper And How To Find The Right One

Wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular in every household and with the wide variety available this is the best thing that can be used to give your home the exact kind of look you desire, from modern and artistic to simple yet whimsical. If, however, you are new to the world of wallpaper, then selecting the ideal one can seem to be difficult. To make things easier for you, we shall give you tips on how to select the best wallpaper for your home, but before that let us get to learn about the different wallpaper materials you can choose from.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

Different Wallpaper Materials:

1. Standard Wallpaper

These are the cheapest wallpaper Singapore material you can opt for. They are cheap but only in price and not quality. Particularly, if you know how to choose the right pattern and color you easily will be able to use these wallpaper to get the desired result. However, the fact cannot be denied that these wallpapers do not look as elegant as the others that we shall learn about. Furthermore, they also are not as durable as others. You can easily install the standard wallpaper, and if you are careful there shall not be any difficulty. If you are doing it yourself then just make sure not to pull the paper too hard or it may tear.

2. Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper

These are standard wallpapers but have an extra vinyl coating layer owing to which they look more attractive and are also more durable. Many vinyl-coated wallpapers are also washable and you can easily clean them using soap and a wet sponge. Not only are they water resistant but also very rugged, and even if there are accidental stains on your walls you can scrub and clean them without difficulty. This is the reason why they are most popularly used in the kitchens. If you are getting wallpaper for the very first time, then instead of starting with any expensive material, a vinyl-coated one will be your best deal. It is slightly expensive compared to the standard wallpaper, yet it is quite cheap.

3. Foils and Mylars

If your room is small, does not get much natural light, or if you prefer keeping the windows closed almost always to prevent dust from coming in then these wallpapers are just perfect for you. However, before you get them you need to know that they can be used only on walls that are in almost perfect conditions. If your wall is worn out and has plaster coming off, you cannot opt for these wallpapers. They will only highlight the already present imperfections even more.

4. Cloths-on Wallpaper

If you are interested in elaborate and rich textures then these type of wallpaper with their laminated backings are a perfect option. They easily hide imperfections in the wall. However, they are pretty expensive and the installation process too is not easy.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

5. Flocked Wallpaper

If you want something that has a velvety or suede nap finish then the flocked wallpaper Singapore is just ideal for you. Though it can be installed with ease, yet it will be best to take help of an expert. They are also very expensive but are worth every penny you will spend as the end result will be such that cannot be expressed in words alone.

How to Select the Right Wallpaper

Now that we are aware of the different wallpaper material available let us get to learn how we can select the best wallpaper for our room.

1. Consider the room’s usage

Usually people like quiet shades and pacific patterns in their bedrooms but like to play with colors when it comes to their living rooms, kitchens, and entertaining spaces. Considering the usage of the room will also help you decide how durable you need your wallpaper to be. If you are planning to install wallpaper in a teenager’s room then a fragile wallpaper certainly will not be the right option, but you can use the fragile ones in your guest bedroom. The vinyl ones are most durable and perfect for areas with high moisture and high-traffic like kitchens and steamy bathrooms. It is also easy to clean, just a wipe and that’s all.

2. Consider the space and brightness of your room

Vertical, long patterned wallpaper will look good on high walls, but perhaps not if the ceilings are low. Smaller, busier patterns look good on walls that are broken up with many doors, windows, or artwork. If you have a small room and you opt for busy, dark wallpaper it will make the place look smaller. However, such wallpapers are a perfect option for a foyer or hallway and can make that area look just perfect.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

3. Consider the square footage you plan to wrap

Oversized patterns will most likely overpower a room, but this rule need not be followed always. If you love dark shaded big patterns, just use them to create bold drama in your room. Remember, simpler prints and lighter colors offer cheerfulness to any space, and complex prints and dark shades add more drama.

4. Consider how often you plan to redecorate

If you want to redecorate once in every two or three years then the removable varieties that look just like the real wallpapers will be more suitable for you. These are in fact the best option for those who do not like to have the same look in their rooms for too long. Just peel them off when you are tired, and make space for a new one. However, if you do not plan to change the wallpaper, not too soon, then the durable varieties are your best option.

5. Consider the type of statement you wish to create

If you are still not sure of wallpapering then it will be best to use them just on half a wall with paint or beadboard on the other half. Go for simple, light patterns so that you can first get adjusted to it. Once you know you are ready for wallpaper, ready to take the risk, then get it installed in just one statement wall in any of your room, and opt for bold color or pattern. The result will be eye-popping and you will certainly like it.

Wallpapers indeed can add beauty, fun, and drama to any room they are installed in. However, you need to choose it with great care just to make sure you get the exact kind of look you desire. This is all the more important if you are going for the durable ones. However, once you succeed in finding the ideal wallpaper, be sure, your room is coming to look like never before.


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