Points To Remember While Choosing Wallpapers For Your Home

Home decorating can be a both fun and interesting experience. You have bought a new home or you want to re decor your existing one. Wallpapers provide you with fun and exciting ways in which you can custom design your home walls according to your choice or color. You can re design or re decorate your walls and your home space by simply getting some new wallpapers. Wallpapers come in various shapes and designs and choosing the right one can not only help you ascertain an aesthetic sense but will also make your room come alive. There are a lot of ways in which you can incorporate wallpapers for your room or house. Perfect color combinations and matching designs will help you to set about a certain standard in the overall design of your residence or building. Wallpapers can be a terrific and great way to spruce up the ambience and decor of a room. Wallpapers provide you with a lot of opportunities to work on and get a good new design of your walls.

Choosing Wallpapers For Your Home

Things to keep in mind when you are buying wallpapers

There are multitudes of color patterns and designs to choose from. Having the right kind of wallpaper will not only improve the overall flair of your room but also help in adding some style to your walls. Recently the demand for custom wallpapers for living and bed rooms have gone up. They are being available both online and offline the markets. There are a lot of varities, designs, color themes, etc to choose from. Choosing the right kind of wallpaper can be a very daunting task especially if you have never got wallpapers for your home or office before. They are the only things which can change the look of your rooms at a very minimal cost as compared to painting. Painting requires time and effort and a lot of things need to be stored or covered so that they do not get damaged by the paint. Wallpapers in turn provide you with a simple yet effective solution to improve or re design your walls and their appearance. There are lot of things which you should know about and keep in mind before you go about buying wallpapers. Having the right design and color will have an immediate and drastic appearance on your walls. Read on to find out more about how can get the right kind of wallpapers.

The size of the room and lengths to be bought

Before you go about buying any kind of wallpaper, it is necessary to know how much of it you will be needing. You should first measure the lengths and heights of the wall beforehand. Calculate all the lengths and heights of all the walls and make a note of it. This will come in useful when you are buying wallpapers. If you do not know about the sizes, then you may end up buying short or long lengths which will prove bad for your design. Measure any leftover area also so that you can get them covered later. Also note down the design or color number of the wallpapers that you are buying. Sometimes wallpapers at a store may vary in color and different colors may appear the same at times.

Choosing Wallpapers For Your Home

Know about the usage of the room

When you go about choosing specific designs or color patterns, you should have an idea about what you will be using the room for. If there is a lot of activity going on in the room, then you should go for lighter and vibrant colors and patterns. Having the right pattern of wallpapers can set the right mood for the event. Your wallpapers complement the way you feel in your room. Therefore living rooms should have brighter energised shades while it is advisable to go for soother colors with small designs for bedrooms. Your wallpapers play an important role in the way you feel and therefore it should definitely be matching your moods.

Choose the appropriate kind of pattern for your walls

Choosing the right kind of pattern for your room will no doubt make the room more aesthetic and liveable. The most important factor while you buy wallpapers is that you get the appropriate kind of pattern. Patterns play a very important part in the overall shape and size of your room. You should also make sure that the pattern you are getting works in that particular room. If you want to make the room appear wider you can go for horizontal patterns or stripes while vertical patterns or stripes will make your ceiling appear higher. You should generally avoid wallpapers that have large designs or patterns on it. They usually over power the space and make your room appear smaller.

Choosing Wallpapers For Your Home

Understanding pattern repeat

When you setting about different rolls of wallpaper beside one another, you should make sure that the pattern on the one you pasted previously is matching with the sides of the one you are about to paste. Wallpaper patterns should match the ones on their sides so that the whole design looks aesthetic and geometric. This is called pattern repeat and is very important in determining the end result of your hard work. Laying out irregular patterns in a hurry will lead to a loss of aesthetic appeal. Laying out the pattern ends in correct ways will ensure you have a visually stunning design for your home.

Get easy to clean wallpapers

Choose easy to clean wallpapers otherwise dust and grime may accumulate on it. Ask your dealer beforehand about the cleaning process. Make sure the wallpapers are cleanable and you can wipe off any dust or grime without having to worry about the paint coming off. Nowadays most wallpapers are easy to clean and maintain. These wallpapers are available at your local shops. Vinyl coated wallpapers are the best for a beginner as they can be cleaned effortlessly with a wet wipe. Always ask your retailer or shop owner for a demo on how to clean the wallpapers before you get them home.


Thus it is very necessary to have some proper knowledge and idea about the type of wallpaper you want and the kind of room or wall you will be using it on. Wallpapers can transform your walls and alter your moods for better living.


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