What To Consider When Choosing A House Wallpaper

What comes to mind when you think of a wallpaper? Is it a wall paper that is just bright or has only one pattern? Well, wallpapers were in the past very plain and of little significance as part of wall decal. However, house wall papers have gradually adopted modern designs and styles making them a suitable choice for wall decal. A carefully selected wallpaper magnifies the interior décor of a home. It blends perfectly with a house adding a touch of style and elegance to it. The type and design of wall paper chosen should be in line with the tastes and preferences of individuals. It should not be too bold to overpower a room.

House Wallpaper

There are important considerations to pay attention to when choosing a house wall paper. They include:

1. The design of the wallpaper
Choosing a wallpaper design is a personal decision that must be made by an individual. The individual should first understand the nature of a house-existing decorations, paintings and furniture prior to choosing a particular design. Accumulating such knowledge prevents an individual from making design blunders undermining the existing décor of a house. The wallpaper chosen should be of the right design. One that meets the expectations of a person. There are several techniques for choosing the right design.

If a person wants to display appreciation of art in a house, artistic designs actualize this purpose. Choose subtle designs to accentuate the furniture and pieces of art in a house. Avoid wallpapers with very tiny patterns if it is your first time to wallpaper. A lot of time is spent ensuring the patterns achieve consistency. Choose patterned or textured designs to conceal flaws on walls. These designs exhibit a casual appearance. They are mostly applicable in bedrooms. Choose smooth and flat designs to attain a polished appearance in places such as the dining area. Choose a bold pattern to emphasize a section of a wall rather than using the design for the entire wall. Multi-colored wallpapers create a lively look in a house. Wallpapers with horizontal stripes make a living room appear bigger. They should be chosen if a room is relatively small. Wallpapers with large patterns make a living room appear smaller. They should be used on one section of a wall to avoid overpowering a house. In making decisions regarding the design to select, be certain that the wallpaper has an excellent finish.

2. Choose a suitable color

A wallpaper’s color, which goes hand in hand with design, has an effect on a house. Colors establish a certain mood in a house. It is wise to choose wallpaper colors that establish a positive mood. How do different color backgrounds of wallpapers affect a house or room?
· Cool color backgrounds

They make a house seem wider and the ceiling a bit higher. The colors that are credited with this role are blue, green and violet.
· Soft cool colors

They are associated with tranquility thus make a home achieve a calm appearance.
· Light colors

They have the power to reflect light in a house making dark places more visible.
· Dark colors

They are associated with absorption of light. This gives a house a smaller appearance and the walls appear very close to each other.
· Warm colors

These are orange, red and yellow. They nurture an excited mood in house. Further, they accord a house a warm and welcoming feeling.

House Wallpaper

3. Take into account the measurements of a house

A common mistake individuals make when selecting wallpapers is ignoring the wall measurements of a house. As a result, buying wallpapers becomes an uneconomical effort. The extra wallpaper bought in some instances goes into waste. In order to pick a wallpaper that fits the walls precisely, the measurements of the height and width should be taken. The measurements of the house determine the amount of wallpaper to be purchased.

There are various guidelines to follow when taking measurements. They entail:

· Record the measurements of all the house walls.
· Compute in feet the width and height of each wall through multiplication.
· Calculate the total square footage through addition of measurements recorded.
· Subtract measurements of doors, windows and any openings on walls.
· Determine the suitable amount of wallpaper to buy based on the measurements.

4. The material of the wallpaper

The material is another important consideration to focus on. The material selected must be durable and easy to attach on a wall. Cleaning it should also be easy. Vinyl is an appropriate material to choose. It is not only easy to clean but also relatively affordable.

House Wallpaper

There are two categories of vinyl wallpapers:

· Vinyl coated wallpaper

Cleaning it requires sponging with water and a little detergent.
· Solid vinyl wallpaper

This is the best wallpaper material for bathrooms and kitchen spaces since it is water resistant.
Other than vinyl wallpapers, other materials are available. Flocked and foiled materials are ideal for a house wall paper if mounted correctly. Though, their expensive nature makes them scarcely utilized.

5. The purpose of each room in a house

This consideration is barely given much thought yet it is important when picking a wallpaper. Wallpapers for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms have slight variations. Choosing a soft wallpaper projects a relaxed atmosphere which is crucial in bedrooms. If a bedroom is occupied by a child, the wallpaper chosen should be durable enough to resist damage that might be posed by a child. When it comes to walls of living rooms and dining rooms, lively wallpapers are the best to fix. Choosing wallpapers with bold colors for these spaces creates an energetic atmosphere.

6. Redecoration frequency

From time to time, the urge to hang a new wallpaper may arise. If a person desires to change a wallpaper after a few years, a wallpaper that is easy to remove without damage to the walls is ideal.

In essence, the objective of a wallpaper should be to provide an inviting, appealing, comfortable and appealing atmosphere in a house. The right wallpaper stimulates feelings of happiness in a home providing a soothing effect. Always keep in mind that the wallpaper chosen communicates a certain message about a home. Ensure the message that emanates from a wallpaper is positive. The definite way to achieve this is to choose a quality wallpaper.


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