Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Wallpaper

The office design shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only is it vital for impression but it also has a direct effect of your brand’s success. To improve the appearance of an office, one better way to go about this is to enhance the appearance of the walls. Note that walls surround office equipment and employees. This means that everyone, including clients and visitors, will notice how they look.

Office Wallpaper

Wallpapers provide a professional, convenient, and durable way to improve the office environment. According to research, it’s been established that different patterns and colors help to encourage concentration and productivity. This is what wallpapers offer, versatility in terms of colors, patterns as well as texture! If you are looking for a way of transforming your office with wallpapers then this article provides a comprehensive detail about office wallpaper and everything that you need to know.

Whether it’s a company or a personal working space, it’s important to choose a wallpaper design that will give you the motivation to work. The wallpaper design should encourage productivity while providing a relaxing ambiance. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

The Office Size

It’s important to know the size of the walls that you expect the wallpapers to cover. This is very easy to figure out. Simply measure the length and width of the space you expect to cover. If there is any window or door, subtract their measurements.


There are numerous wallpaper designs. It’s important to consider the type of style that you want because this will reflect in the way the office is set up. Do you want pastel colors, a casual, contemporary or a classic wallpaper design? Whatever the design you choose, it should be clean as well as minimalistic. This helps to promote office organization and productivity. Note that you can mix different types of wallpaper to create a versatile appearance.


The wallpaper texture affects the office lighting. It can be rough, smooth or just something in between. An office wallpaper with a rough texture often times has a darker appearance while a smooth wallpaper has a lighter appearance.

Types of Wallpapers

There is a wide variety of wallpaper design currently. A lot of people often think that wallpapers are made of just paper, well this isn’t true. Decades ago, paper was the main ingredient that was found in wall pare products but this is not the case now. Some of the popular types of wallpapers include:

Vinyl Wallpaper

It’s the most common type of office wallpaper because of its versatility. It usually contains an acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. A vinyl wallpaper can be a solid sheet, vinyl-coated fabric, or vinyl-coated paper.

Office Wallpaper

Embossed Wallpaper

It’s also known as textured wallpaper. It can be made up of vine fibers or woven grass. An embossed wallpaper is sometimes covered with a satiny type of sheen in order to make its appearance glossy and reflective. Note that this type of wallpaper requires so much skill and organization during the application process. Its dominant design usually makes the office setting attractive.

Fabric Wallpaper

It’s also known as a flocked wallpaper. Fabric wallpaper is created by Appling an adhesive coating on polyester, nylon, or wool. It can have either a soft or hard texture. Note that fabric wallpaper cannot be cleaned hence it should be installed in offices that have less traffic and few chances of water/moisture contamination.

Non-Woven Wallpaper

It’s a vinyl-free type of wallpaper that’s environmentally-friendly. Non-woven wallpaper is breathable and also washable. Additionally, it’s very easy to install it and simple to remove. The benefit of installing this type of wallpaper in your office is that it’s durable. It doesn’t easily tear-up.

Office Wallpaper Pros and Cons

Wallpapers come with a lot of benefits. They help to decorate the walls and hide some unattractive features. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t lack disadvantages. This section outlines some of the office wallpaper pros and cons.


Boosts Productivity

Apart from good payments and good employee culture, another great way which you can use to improve productivity is improving the office environment. Research shows that work environment heavily influences mood and motivation. It can reduce stress and encourage interaction. This means that if your office interior is good, then there are high chances of productivity.

Conserves Resources

Wallpapers provide a cost-effective and economical alternative for decorating the office. A textured wallpaper, for instance, requires less maintained and lasts longer i.e. between 12-15 years. They are cost-effective options which last for years.

Easy to Install

The installation process usually takes a few hours. Although you might employ a professional installer, you can also read the installation manual and do it by yourself.

Enhance Visual Appeal

The main reason why the use of office wallpaper is on the rise is that it improves visual appeal. The wide variety of design patterns which can be tailor-made to cater to different preferences and tastes isn’t just good for office members but also clients.

Wide Variety

In terms of color and material, wallpapers are available in a wide variety. It can a traditional wallpaper with stripes, the bold fashion-forward, casual etc. Additionally, it can be made of paper, vinyl, fabric, and another other material.

Office Wallpaper


Tedious Removal Process

Note that removing an existing wallpaper isn’t easy. It requires proper tools as well as patience. Sometimes the removal process is too demanding and requires chemical. Besides that, a lot of caution should be taken during the removal process to ensure that the wall isn’t damaged.

Special Care

Although wallpapers can be tough and durable, they need special care. They should be placed in areas with less human traffic. Most of them are susceptible to damage when they are exposed to water or too much moisture.


Note that there is no big difference between wallpapers and paint when it comes to toxicity. Some of them are designed with VOC compounds which eliminate poisonous fumes.

Room Clashing

A wrong wallpaper design pattern can easily clash with the way your office is set up. In order to avoid such an issue, first, consult with an interior designer. It’s also important to try out a few design samples to determine the best option.


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