Tips For Installing Wallpaper In Your Home

If you are looking for a wallpaper for a room in your home, you will find some useful tips and knowledge that will help you minimize the time spent on errors and maximize the time spent on efficiency. This guide will teach you how to effectively clean the wallpaper. First of all, you should find out what type of wallpaper you use, whether prefabricated or pasted, The wallpaper has gone through important innovations. Nowadays, if you are interested in wallpapers and similar materials, you can choose from many wallpapers with extended patterns


Procedure of wallpaper installation


The preparation makes a world difference when it comes to hanging wallpaper. These are basic steps, but they make the work go smoothly, eliminate the problems before they appear and make the work much more pleasant. You have chosen a room to embellish with wallpaper that lasted a few days or weeks. You measured the room, calculated the required square and bought the wallpaper from a trusted supplier. It's time to start. But do not start cutting the wallpaper yet. First, let's prepare a room.

Remove the furniture

When emptying the furniture, you leave an open workspace. This is important because you may need a ladder to use wallpaper, and dragging a ladder through a room full of furniture can ruin your day quickly. It also gives you the possibility to move large and complex strips of wallpaper, which you usually repeat.

Empty the walls

Remove all images, posters, nails, screws, switches, plugs, stickers and stickers. The walls must be clear to hang the paper, and nothing throws the key at your own pace, like nailing or falling into a forgotten cover.

Set up a store

The wallpaper is long and unruly stuff. You must cut precise and straight lines. This means that you need a comfortable, spacious, uniform and hard surface on which you will work. If you use the table in the dining room, you will end up with sharp cuts in the polished finish. Invest in 4x8 plywood and drop it on an empty desk or in a pair of boilers, if you have one at hand. Make sure you have plenty of space on your elbows. The workstation should be located in a room adjacent to the wallpaper room, not in the same room. This gives you enough space to work on cutting and reserving (more on that later) in one room and enough space to work on the suspension in the other.

Measure and cut

This step varies depending on the type of wallpaper used. For some designs, it is sufficient to measure the height of the walls. But always remember to add a few centimetres of length to each strap. This results in the application of paper and precision cutting on the base after hanging. But some styles require more technical skills. For example, if the style requires that a certain part of the pattern appear below the ceiling, the cuts should be adjusted accordingly. Other styles require levelling. In this case, some patterns should be aligned at the seams. It is important to measure twice and cut once, especially in this case.



To properly activate the wallpaper sticker, you must reserve it. This process begins with immersing the wallpaper in warm water. For best results, immerse the wallpaper with the adhesive side rolled out. Make sure the wallpaper is completely submerged and allow it to soak for 15 seconds. Then remove the wallpaper from the water, place it covered on the work table and bend both ends of the strap so that the sides of the adhesive touch each other. This is the "reserve" process, which also activates the glue and helps to spread it evenly over the surface of the wallpaper. To save time, make several strips at the same time.


With a pencil, select the vertical line from which you want to start the wallpaper. This line will be your guide in the first bar. When the first strap is perfectly straight, you can align the seam of each subsequent strip so that the wallpaper is simple throughout the room. The vertical line can be drawn using the vertical, which is a simple tool that suspends the length of the rope in a perfectly straight line. The level can also be used to obtain a straight line.

Hang, smooth and cut out

Now you are ready to hang the first element. Expand or "deselect" the first strip of paper. Carefully align the paper with the vertical and roof lines. After aligning the paper, leave it and the adhesive will stick to the wall quickly. Check for wrinkles or bubbles. A wallpaper brush or wide spatula will work well to smooth the paper. When you are satisfied with the result, hang the rest of the straps in the same way. When finished, simply cut a sharp knife along the floor or base to complete the task.

The followings are the pros and cons of wallpaper that you need to know before you make your decision.

Pros of wallpaper include


They are quite durable and easy to clean. They are suitable for use by anyone under any circumstance. The wallpapers are more than five times more durable than painting. They can withstand the wear of both pets and children. They can last up to 15 years or 20 years. The painted wall requires more cleaning, but it cracks over time.


They are very easy to clean with even using a piece of cloth. This will help you eliminate the dust in a short time, and it will also do it without complications. Any room, such as a living room or dining room, will sting and stretch in a few minutes without obstructing the appearance of this type of material too much. You can also choose the ones that can be washed and that can be cleaned for a long time with a detergent and a brush.

Easy installation and removal

In many cases, people avoid using this type of substance for walls because they think it will be very difficult to remove and remove them. But this is not the case since most companies nowadays offer an easy installation, so everything is simple and there are no problems. They are designed to fall quickly if you remove them from the walls. This way you can easily redesign if you want.



If you decide to do it, in a short time you can feel that you are going to paint, which would be much cheaper. However, if you keep it in mind for a long time, you will understand that wallpapers are more profitable than paint. You can also choose a combination of wallpaper and paintings to get the best of both worlds.

Wallpaper cons includes

The wallpaper is difficult to clean and maintain.

Once the magnificent wallpaper appears on the walls, the main problem you find is to stop the dirt and eliminate it. Yes, most wallpapers are easily stained and those that are stain resistant can cost a lot. Children armed with crayons and chocolate fingers and wallpaper definitely do not match.

The wallpaper can easily fade under the influence of sunlight

Yes, most of the available wallpapers can fade over time and lose colours over time. And also leave quickly under the influence of sunlight and wind. Therefore, a room with a large terrace, balcony or large windows may not be suitable for wallpapers.


To give your bathroom the illusion of having more space, look for the wallpaper in the bathroom, which gives a great impression. Colours like white, yellow or neutral can do the trick. A mural in the bathroom placed on the larger wall also helps enlarge a small bathroom. In the case of standard bathrooms, taffeta papers are also a good choice because they currently create the latest wallpaper trend. Modern wallpaper meets the needs and preferences of each human being thus enhancing home designs.


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