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When you are moving into a new home, or you are thinking of refurbishing a lifeless space inside your home, wallpapers is the number solution we all think about. Yes, wallpapers are indeed a quick fix to give life and color to a dull space. However, if not handled properly, you might end up wasting money and not getting the result that you have already laid up in your mind.


If it's your first to deal with wallpapers, then you should probably learn some few tricks to get the job accomplished like a pro and to make sure you will not end disappointing yourself.

Our imaginations can go very wild, and we all have these crazy color and pattern ideas that we want. Chill. Take the time to know what will be the perfect wallpaper patterns or colors that would best fit your space's vibe and of course your personality. This way you would avoid a disaster and end up going back to square one.

1. Stare and feel

So, you have decided to use wallpaper for a particular space in the house, now what you should do is to take the time to look at that space and imagine what you want that space to look like. What vibe do you want to beget in that space? Do you want it cozy and chill? Or do you want it in full bright colors? Decide!

2. Search and be inspired

It's hard to decide, isn't it? That's fine, that's why we have this tip for you. If you really can't decide on how you want the space to look and feel like, search and be inspired. Search on the magazines, browse the internet or check Pinterest and Instagram - there you'll find a bunch of great ideas on how you want your room to feel and look like. Pretty sure, you'll be able to decide then.

3. Try and check

Now, that you have decided what vibe you want your space to have, go to any store or depot where you can find as many designs or colors of wallpaper there is. This is important because you should be able to get as many samples as you can. Yes, you've read it right! Most of the stores would allow you to get samples of wallpaper and get some. Get samples of those wallpapers which you think would make that vibe come to life. Put them on the wall and allow proper lighting or open all the windows for natural light. Try and check them and choose the best wallpaper color or pattern that bring that vibe come to life.


4. Pick and Invest

So, you now that you have the pattern and or the color of the specific wallpaper you want, it's time to pick and invest. Pick because quality should be another important factor to consider. Make sure to get the best quality and invest. Think about longevity; your wallpapers should last long and just a one-time occasion wallpaper. You would not want to spend so much time, effort and of course money for just a three-month contract. Yes, it may cost you a little bit extra, but for sure it will pay off.

5. D-I-Y or hire

This is another thing to decide whether to do the job alone or hire an expert. Well, we'll live it up for you. If you think you can do it on your own that's good at least you don't need to spend extra. However, if you are unsure, better be hiring someone who can unquestionably do the job well done.


All of us have at one time or another been witness to some of the gaudy or drab examples of its use. Whether it is your grandmother's home or your nutty neighbor with dolphins trimming the ceiling of her home, examples of its misuse abound. However, with today's advanced versions and a trained eye, you can utilize wallpaper to give your home an amazing makeover based on a classic antique look, to an original modern look, to everything in between.

So, what's the most important thing to consider when choosing wallpaper? Aside from the pattern itself, above all, the most important thing to keep in mind is how long the wallpaper will be in place. Why is this important? Well, quite simply if you choose the wrong type of wallpaper, you will have a messy, time-consuming headache on your hands when the time comes to strip it from the walls.

Many types of wallpaper are often put up with sticky adhesives that are hard to remove. In other words, the wallpaper comes off not in large convenient sheets, but tiny tearing strips that must be removed with a moist rag and a metal putty knife. What's more, some wallpaper adhesives are so sticky; it can be difficult to completely remove them without chipping away chunks of sheet rock from the wall.

So, what type of wallpaper should you choose? Without a doubt, the self-adhesive peelable and strippable wallpapers are your best bet. These products offer you the most selection with the least amount of a headache. Unlike traditional types of wallpaper that require you to submerge the paper in warm water for as much as 5 to 15 minutes to activate the adhesive, self-adhesive wallpaper requires only that you peel the backing from the wallpaper and apply it directly to the wall.

There's very little fuss and unlike traditional types of wallpaper, peelable and strippable wallpapers usually come off in large productive strips and can sometimes be cleared from a wall in a matter of minutes. And, if any adhesive is left behind upon removal, it usually comes up with just a little warm soapy water.


When purchasing and applying wallpaper, there are a couple of points you should also consider:

Although you can apply wallpaper over painted walls, the surface must be smooth. Wallpaper won't adhere to heavily textured walls, so they must be sanded flat prior to hanging the paper. If the paint is semi or high-gloss, you should first add a quick coat of latex water-based primer. This should make the wallpaper stick and last for a long period of time.

Remove old wallpaper before applying the new. This is an important step that will make the new wallpaper last longer and look better. Although you can lay new wallpaper over the old, it is generally not a good idea.

The best way to rid yourself of old wallpaper is to dampen the wallpaper with a mixture of vinegar and water. You can either use a moist rag or a spray bottle. Give the moisture time to soak through the paper and loosen the old adhesive. Now, you're ready for the time-consuming process of removing the existing paper. This exercise should bring home your decision to use self-adhesive peelable and strippable wallpaper for your project. Note that if the old wallpaper is covered with a vinyl coating, the moisture will not soak through. So, before you begin dampening it, you'll need to score the surface with a box blade or utility knife.

Although it does have certain drawbacks, wallpaper offers many more options than painting alone and if done correctly, it can provide a long-lasting base or accent to your remodeling plans.


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