Know Whether It Is Wallpaper Or Wall Decal

Decorating a home is not necessarily associated with a lavish lifestyle. A well-decorated and designed home looks neat, tidy and beautiful. You can decorate your home with home furnishings and accessories of your choice and live comfortably. The most integral parts of your home are the walls. People often say that walls have ears and they can hear you talk or whisper. Well, if they already have ears, why not give them some life! A variety of unique and innovative wall decorations would automatically bring a rush of positive energy and vibrancy in your nature. When you get back after a tedious day at work, you would want to have a welcoming place where you can relax at the end of the day. Let us look at this two ideas of wall decoration so that one can come up with the best one to apply on his or her wall.

Know Whether It Is Wallpaper Or Wall Decal

Wall papers

Boring and plain walls are a thing of the past. There is now a huge list of options including various themes that people could choose from to transform their living spaces. There are a number of reasons to use a wallpaper instead of just painting the walls in plain colours. The characteristics to consider and differentiate between painting a wall or wall papering, include cost, ease of application, finishing and beauty.

Wallpapers come in a huge variety and can be chosen depending on the preferences and space intended for use. When comparing between paints and wallpapers, paints require no additional preparation and are easy to prepare. Decor wallpaper however may require a little bit of preparation, but are durable and comparatively easier to apply. It is important to take adequate care when applying the wallpaper, since improper application can lead to folds in the wallpaper. Wallpapers are applied with adhesives and come in different types to be applied in various walls including bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom etc.

When comparing between designer wallpaper and paint, the expenses can range from medium to high depending on the quality. Wallpapers could also include the installation costs, but painting a wall can be done by people themselves. However, textured paints require experts for application. A look of the wall can be customized easily and people could even use a mixture of both paints and wallpapers.

Know Whether It Is Wallpaper Or Wall Decal

Another advantage to understand about usage of paints and wallpapers is that the right paint or wallpaper can make any place look spacious and bigger. They can seem to increase the space in the room. Using good quality textured wallpaper can make it very durable. If there is a particular design on a person's mind, they can customize the wallpaper accordingly. Many people also want special designs for the rooms of their children, such as cartoon characters, which are much easier with wallpapers than painting. Fluorescent and glow in the dark options also are available which can be used to add funk into the decor in every home.

Wallpapers are existent in Singapore since many years but however, has seem to gain a lot of importance of late. They are available in many stores which makes it very easy for people to purchase them in Singapore. They are also simpler to maintain and can be easily cleaned. For the walls which are dirty and require a quick fix, wallpapers are the easiest and less expensive option.

Wall decals

When it's time to change things up in your house, walls get your attention at the first point when you look to redecorate. After all, they are that part of your house which commands a lot of attention. But coming up with various designs and ways to decorate the walls can be taxing, not to mention mind numbing. Most designs aren't appealing enough, while some others seem too last decade. Is it time for a change of scenery at your place too? Are you facing similar decision making issues? Then it's time you used wall decals for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms to spice up those dreary walls, and give them a fun twist.

Know Whether It Is Wallpaper Or Wall Decal

Wall decals make it possible for you to redecorate the walls of your bedroom, living room, dining rooms, etc without facing any hassles. All you need to do when you have the right design finalized is just go ahead and stick it to the wall. This saves you a lot of hours and even days that would otherwise have been spent re painting the walls of each room. Additionally, you don't need to vacate the room either when you get a wall decal, whereas when you get the walls painted you can't enter it again until the paint dries. What's more, the wall decals do not damage the walls of the rooms you decide to stick it on. You can simply peel the sticker off the wall, without peeling the paint on it.

If you are thinking options then, there is no dearth of ideas, styles and themes of wall decals that you can put on your walls. You could decide to stick a wall decal of your favourite sportsperson if you are a sports fanatic. Alternatively, silhouettes of trees, birds, etc make for artful and beautiful ideas for wall decals for your bedrooms. For the bedrooms of your kids, you could get a wall decal of their favourite cartoon characters to help them remain cheerful all through the day. You can even customize the wall decals by getting a high resolution photograph's converted into wall decals to remind you of all the beautiful memories of the years gone by. To take it to the next level, you can even create a collage of some of your best photographs and use it as a wall sticker.

Wall stickers make for a great affordable and innovative idea to use for bedrooms, living rooms and other areas of your home. And their cost effectiveness means, you can buy multiple wall decals for the various rooms of your home and mix it up as much as you'd like. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a crafty idea, then convert it into a wall decal for your rooms.


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