What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Choosing Wallpaper?

 If you thought choosing a paint color was difficult, wait until you try to pick out a wallpaper! Choosing the right wallpaper goes beyond picking out colors and involves selecting textures and patterns as well. The biggest obstacle to picking the right wallpaper is not knowing how it's actually going to look after you cover the whole wall. However, there are some secret tips that can help you in choosing the right wallpaper. If you are wondering what these secret tips about choosing wallpaper are, keep reading.


1. Consider the results first

Before you decide to spend your time, money and effort in choosing the best wallpaper, you must consider what kind of goals you want to achieve by implementing your decorating scheme. Having a clear understanding of what end result you want to achieve can save you from several types of confusions and eventually help you in making a clear and precise decision. You start by deciding about your end result and then work your way backwards from there. Following this process can save you plenty of hours, which you would have otherwise wasted on browsing countless sample books, just to find the right wallpaper.

2. Patterns can have more than one effect

Most people believe that patterns are there to make the room look more beautiful. Although this belief is absolutely correct, but it is only one aspect of how patterns can affect the looks of your room. If you are unsatisfied with the height of a room, it is better to go for wallpaper with vertical stripes. This is because vertical stripes are known to create an affect which makes the ceiling appear higher. Similarly, for smaller rooms it is preferable to choose horizontal stripes as they seem to widen the room. Another important thing to remember is to avoid putting larger patterns in a small room. Larger patterns have a tendency of overpowering the space in a room, which makes a room look smaller than its actual size. Choosing larger pattern for larger rooms is the best policy. For smaller rooms it is better to choose a small pattern or some geometric design.

3. One type of wallpaper is not suitable for all rooms

This is a common mistake made by many buyers. They think that their list of choice is limited to color and patterns. However, choosing the right type of wallpaper for each room is equally important.For example, in bathrooms and kitchen it is better to choose a durable paper with vinyl. Liquid vinyl is used in the preparation of vinyl wallpapers. This makes these wallpapers easier to clean as you can wash them with a sponge and soapy water. Vinyl wallpapers are not only washable and easy to scrub, but they are also stain resistant and rugged. Additionally, these type of wallpapers consist of vinyl bound to a cloth or paper backing, which makes them easy to remove. For small rooms that receive little or no natural light, it is better to go with Mylar and Foils. That’s because these type of wallpapers have a shiny surface which brings out the best looks of color and pattern even in low light conditions. However, it is equally important that the wall surface is properly even and without any imperfections, because the shiny surface of these wallpapers will accentuate any flaw in the wall.


4. Colors can offer more than just good looks

The most obvious importance of colors is that they can set the mood of the room. However, there are many other ways in which they can affect the room’s decor. It is well known that dark colors tend to add a sense of drama in the atmosphere of a room. Therefore, these colors are usually used in living room or dining area. However, dark colors make a room seem smaller, and you should avoid using them in rooms that are of small area. Similarly, wallpaper with a light background creates an atmosphere of coziness in a family room, and makes it look larger. Therefore, using wallpapers with light background are better for smaller rooms. However, you should avoid using bright white colored wallpapers as they tend to create a sterile operating-room atmosphere.

5. You can use multiple wallpapers in a single room

Although the contemporary way is to select one wallpaper for each room, but you can add a trendy twist to this method to add some spice in your room’s decor. You can intelligently use a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight certain area of a room. For example, to highlight a bed or sofa in a room, you can use designs with a hint of gloss or mica on the wall behind the object. This will give a glamorous and classy touch to one-side of the room, which will definitely attract the attention of the visitors.

Similarly, you can use a wallpaper to bring the feeling of nature into your home without actually putting plants in the house. This design option is highly uncommon when decorating a room, which makes it a highly unique and attractive option. Another design option that is rarely used by people is to wallpaper the closet. The main reason behind ignoring this space is that most people believe guests don’t get a view of the closet space. However, this should be the primary reason for decorating this space. Because you can easily select a wallpaper that you always dream about but are not able to use it in any other place due to some reasons.


Walls are perhaps the biggest style statement that a room can instantly make on a visitor. And the best way to create a lasting impression on the visitor’s mind is by putting the right wallpaper on the walls of your room. Selecting the best wallpaper is a headache building, thought provoking process. Whether you are thinking of redecorating or decorating a room with wallpaper, you should get ready for several unexpected surprises. However, the tips given above will surely help you in choosing the best wallpaper for your decorating needs.


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