6 Ways How Wallpaper Can Help In Interior Design

The most eye catching aspect in any interior design space is the color of the walls. In fact, the color of the walls defines the rest of the interior decor. Therefore, picking the right color for your walls can make a huge difference in rendering the correct vibe for your home. However, painting the walls come with a lot of challenges. To top it up, it is the most expensive aspect in interior design. Fortunately, with introduction of wallpapers into the market, home interior decoration is now affordable and available to everyone. Today, wallpapers have become the latest trend in interior design. Open any interior design pamphlet or magazine, and you will not miss a spot talking about them.


How can wallpaper help in interior design?

Today, Interior design and decoration has being made simple; it only entails layering the walls with different colors, textures and designs of wallpaper. In addition, it is very durable and does not fade away with time. If you are in Singapore and wondering how wallpaper can be used in interior design, you are at the right place. In this article, I will bring you up to speed with 6 ways how wallpapers can help in interior design.

1. Creating an Illusion

Wallpapers are made of different designs, colors and texture. Depending on the type of wallpaper you choose to install in your HBD, you are guaranteed of a better appearance for your room. Some wallpapers are designed to make small rooms look larger by bringing together all items in the room in a more cohesive style, while others are designed to make the room appear full even with little furniture in place. Some of the wallpapers offering such illusions include Oriental prints, retro prints, metallic geometrics, flocked wallpapers and so on. If you want to create a natural look or illusion, there are wallpapers which mimic natural grasses.

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2. Covering the house’s imperfection

In construction industry, there are a lot of flaws such as uneven surfaces and cracks. That’s one of the main reasons why people look for interior designers. Wallpapers can be used to hide all imperfections or uneven surfaces on the walls that the normal paint cannot hide. Layering the walls with thick textured wallpapers is one of the best solutions for such problems.

3. Breaking out the room’s boredom

Getting designer and stylish blinds for your windows can be very costly. Therefore, the only available option is buying dull blinds. Well, they also play the same role to stop direct sunlight from bleaching your furniture. But, this isn’t good for any interior design. As an interior designer, your job is to make the house livelier, and not dull. Therefore, you need to break out the boredom. You can do this by gluing beautiful wallpaper print on each blind. Roll out the window blinds to their full length, and then cut out the wallpaper into sheet that fit exactly on the blinds. Spread some glue on the blinds, and then lay the cut out wall paper on them. Press them smoothly to remove any air bubbles. The outcome will definitely give your blinds and home a very attractive appearance.

4. Beauty, elegance and class

One of the main reasons for installing wallpapers in interior design is to make your living space more pleasant. By adding wallpaper to your home, you can create an atmosphere in the room that will prove to be the talking point for everyone who visits your home. You can therefore maintain class and elegance of your home interior by choosing one of the many different designs of wallpapers available in Singapore. In addition, these wallpapers can last up to 15 years without fading or losing their great appearance. To top it up, the wallpapers aren’t damaged easily when cleaning them unlike paint.

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5. Fashion

Interior design is all about keeping up with the latest fashion trend. And, as you know, Singapore is known for its sophistication when it comes to fashion and class. With the numerous wallpaper designs and textures available, choosing the perfect wallpaper for your HBD will ensure that you are on top of the fashion industry. Therefore, choosing the perfect wallpaper to install in your home will not only make your home elegant, but fashionable as compared to other Singapore homes.

6. Creativity

Interior design is about creativity. There are a lot of wallpapers in the market that are customized to meet clients’ needs. With the different wallpaper designs available, you are no longer limited to specific choices. You can pick different patterns, colors and textures to meet your needs. You can add wallpaper to your HBD to give it a splash of new color or lift its outdated look.
Be creative when using wallpapers. You can either use it as a feature in your room, or on the walls to create a theme for your home. You can also buy plain wallpaper that only needs painting. This can easily fit with your furnishings and décor and can be painted as often as you want. The paintable wallpaper comes in different patterns & textured finishes. Well, that are some of the ways you can use wallpaper in interior design. However, the list does not end here. When using wallpapers in interior design, the options are endless. You only need to be creative and explore your creativity to the maximum.

Who can install wallpaper?

Some people prefer to install wallpaper for themselves. However, if you aren’t skilled in the DIY department and do not have a lot of patience, it is advisable and to easier to hire a professional to carry out the job for you. Remember, wallpaper has to be lined up and installed correctly, otherwise it can become a total mess. Professionals use liners to install the wallpaper thus preventing them from curling and looking messy. And, by installing it correctly, the wallpaper will keep its good condition and appearance for almost ten years. There are a lot of professionals in Singapore that you can hire to help you install wallpaper for your interior design. However, remember to research well and hire the most reputable professional who will do a good job.


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