Top 9 Benefits Of Using Wallpaper For Your Interior Designs And Decoration

 While decorating the interior of your home, you have to be very careful on what you choose. You don’t want to choose something that will be out of the market within the next few years. A while ago, most Singaporean opted for paint, but with the introduction off wallpaper, grounds have shifted in a huge way. People are going for wallpaper. Many benefits are associated with wallpaper decoration particularly when compared to painting.

Interior designs And Decoration

Here are some of the long term and short term benefits that you will get from using wallpaper for your interior decoration:

• Aesthetic appeal

The modern wallpapers are designed to provide the surfaced with aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched with painted surfaces. The wallpaper comes in different designs, and the homeowners can choose the best that suits your need. You can select the wallpaper that gives the room the most stunning appearance to improve the aesthetics. To some point, wallpaper allows you to mix different types to pull off a stunning appearance. For example, if you are planning to fit you resting room with wallpaper, you can select the designs that give the room such environment- maybe flora and fauna. If it is for kids bedroom, using wallpaper with cartoon characters would work fantastically.

• Long lasting

If you are looking for an interior décor that will last for a longer period, then you should go for the wallpapers. They are designed to provide the homeowners with long lasting services and still retain their aesthetics over that period. Compared to other interior wall decors such as the paint, wallpaper can last for 10 to 15 years. You are aware on how soon the paint can fade away. Once you have installed quality wallpaper, you can expect a decade of free maintenance when it comes to wall decors. This will ease the pressure on the cost of house maintaining.

• Increased home value

With the improved aesthetic and its durability, the wallpaper will increase the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your home in future, you can rest assured that it will fetch more money compared with a painted house. Paint is known for fading, and at the same time, it is labor intensive. It is like to cost the new buyer more money to renovate a painted house as compared to one with wallpaper. Any buyer will also be interested in the quality of the wallpaper and the expected period that they are likely to enjoy it.

Interior designs And Decoration

• Increased functionality

With different types of wallpapers on the market, you have a vast choice to choose from especially when it comes to improving the functionality. Unlike the paint that is permanent, wallpaper can be changed anytime to provide a new theme as the homeowner may wish. You can change them to provide a different theme as you wish. Do you know that there is scented wallpaper that can provide a soothing fragrance at your home or office? These are just ways that wallpaper can increase the functionality of the room.

• Easy to clean

This is one of the main benefits that are attracting many to go the wallpaper way. If we take an example of a painted wall, it will be very difficult to have it cleaned thoroughly when dirty. The reason being that in the cleaning process, the paint might get scratched and this will leave blemishes on the wall. The paint might also come out. With wallpaper, this will not be a problem since most of them are coated and thus are very easy clean. You just need to wipe off the dirt out without tampering with the appearance of the wall. They are very easy to clean compared to the painted floor.

• Variety

With wallpaper, you have a huge variety of interior decorating options. This is one of the interior decors that you can choose from hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns. There are also hundreds of designers all over Singapore, and thus you can expect to get the bet there is in the market. You may not find this in painted the walls. Depending on where you are buying from in Singapore, you will be provided with different options to select from. Most of the dealers will give you samples in the form of pictures to make it easy for you.

Interior designs And Decoration

• Customized design

It is only in the use of wallpaper that enables you to have customized designs. If you want particular type wallpaper, you can contact the designer to provide it. You can give it specification on the kind of wallpaper that you need, and the designer will provide exactly what you asked. The benefits of having customized wallpaper are that you can have dream room that you always wanted. You will be satisfied by the service since you will be provided with what you asked for. This is a benefit that you might not get with painted walls.

• Hide Blemish

If the walls of your home have blemished that even paints cannot hide, then the best option that you can go for is the wallpaper. The good thing about the wallpaper is that it creates another kind of a wall. This makes it very easy to hide any form of blemish that was left on the wall maybe after a repair was carried out. No one will ever find out what they are concealing a thing that is not possible with paints.

• Easy to install

They are very easy to install. In fact, you do not need professional to install if you have time to do so. With wall measurements, you are good to go. The past the wall technology has made it very easy to put up and put down the wallpaper. You just need to past the wall ad press the wallpaper.

These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by using the wallpaper for your interior wall decorations. You will enjoy the broad variety that they come with and have an opportunity to select the one that suits you the best. They are cheap and less labor intensive will installing thus they provide the most cost effective method of decorating your home. Try them and hire a professional for quality and value for money.


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