Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home

There is absolutely no better way to style your interior than with wallpaper. Wallpaper can transform your décor to give your house the most authentic look. You’ll be happy to know that wallpaper does a lot more than just decorating your home- it also protects your wall painting from wearing out too soon. And considering that most of these wallpapers are removable, you can change the style as much as you want to.

Wallpapering has become a popular trend in Singapore as most homeowners are now opting for these beautiful wall decorators to enhance the appearance of each room of their house. The fact that they come with tons of designs and styles to choose from has prompted many homeowners to reconsider their choice for plain wall painting decorations. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be left out and are probably wondering how you can find the perfect wallpaper to match the décor in each and every room in your house. If you’re new to wallpapers and have no idea how to go about it, don’t worry. Lucky for you, below are some useful tips for choosing the right wallpaper covering.


Understand the Types of Wallpaper Coverings Available

Making the right choice when selecting the perfect wallpaper begins with understanding your options- and this includes getting to know about the different types of wallpapers available in the market. 

• Standard Wallpaper is the most popular type of wallpaper based on the fact that it’s inexpensive, easy to hang, and colorfast (doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight). However, if you decide to hang this type of wallpaper, be sure to take extra care as it tends to tear easily.

• Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper is easy to hang, making it an excellent for newbie wallpaper hangers. This type of wallpaper has a paper backing and also a paper surface which is sealed with liquid vinyl. It’s easy to clean, soil resistant, durable, and very easy to remove.

• Solid Sheet Vinyl Wallpaper consists of vinyl which is bound to either a paper or cloth backing. It’s rugged, stain-resistant, and scrubbable, making it an excellent option for the kitchen.

• Richly Textured Wallpaper comes with a laminated paper backing available in grass cloth, hemp, and various other woven coverings. It’s excellent for covering up any imperfections on the walls such as holes, scratches, or stains. The wallpaper is however expensive and somehow difficult to hang, so it would be better if you hired a professional to do it for you instead. 

• Mylar’s and Foil Wallpaper is perfect for rooms with little natural light. Because it accentuates the imperfections on the wall, it’s important to make sure that the wall surface is in a perfect condition before hanging.

• Flocked Wallpaper has raised velvety patterns and is perfect for covering minor wall imperfections. Although it’s durable and aesthetically appealing, it’s expensive and should only be hanged by a professional.

Consider the Wallpaper Backsides

Basically, wallpaper backsides either come pre-pasted or pasted, or dry-strippable or peelable.

• For the pre-pasted and pasted, decide whether you want a wallpaper that has no backside paste, which means that you’ll have to put the paste yourself, or one that is pre-pasted. The pre-pasted wallpaper only requires you to activate the factory-applied adhesive by applying a pre-paste activator.

Next, decide whether you want to select the dry-strippable wallpaper that peels off and leaves nothing behind or the peelable wallpaper that when peeled, leaves the paper backing behind. 


Find the Right Design

Without a doubt, design is a key factor when selecting the right wallpaper. You’ll want to select a design that will enhance a room’s décor, complement the furniture and the floor, and also create a unique illusion of the room.

• Select wallpaper with large patterns for larger rooms and small patterns for smaller rooms as large patterns will overpower a small room

• If a room’s ceiling is a bit low, choose a wallpaper with vertical stripes or design to create an illusion of a higher ceiling

• If you want to make a room small, choose a wallpaper that is dark in colour. Likewise, if a room is small, choose a bright wallpaper to make it large.

• A flat and smooth wallpaper design can give a room a more refined look. This type of design is perfect for formal areas such as the dining room or even the entryway.

• If you wish to present your walls as art, select bold prints as they are eye-catching. 

Consider the Space

• The design, style, and cost of the wallpaper will depend on the space available. Therefore, measure the space where you want the wallpaper hanged before going shopping. If you are not sure how to do it, hire a professional wallpaper hanger who will not only provide you with information on the amount of wallpaper you’ll need, but also with the total cost of the covering for the entire space.

How Bright or Dark is the Room?

• If some rooms are quite dark, select bright, probably white or pink wallpaper to make them appear brighter. If some rooms are a bit bright, you might want to select darker wallpapers. 

Decide the Kind of Statement you want to Make

• If you want something unique, say animal pattern because you’re an animal lover, chose a wallpaper that clearly depicts this effect. There are countless wallpapers with animal patterns to choose from; from butterflies, leopards, elephants, or a combination.


Consider the Style of the Room

• Each room in your house probably has its own style- and you would want to select a wallpaper that complements that style. If the style is contemporary or fashion forward, bold metrics with high gloss and metallic accents are a great option. You can also choose large scale and bold florals.

• If the style is romantic, florals with fine lines and delicate damasks are an excellent choice.

• If the room’s style is traditional, select a wallpaper with stripes and intricate damasks. 

• For casual style, floral designs can give a relaxed feel

Have an Estimate Budget in Place

• Have a budget estimate in place when out to purchase a wallpaper. Your budget will be determined by measuring the total space to be covered. You can ask for professional help during measurement.

As a newbie trying to select the perfect home wallpaper, it can be a pretty daunting task. However, as long as you know what to look for, it can become a lot easier than you think. 

There are many stores in Singapore selling a wide range of wallpaper coverings. You can pay some of them a visit and select one depending on your preferred design, style, and of course, your budget.


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