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Everyone wants to decorate their home in a way that can make their home look beautiful, alive and complete. There are many things that need to be considered by a homeowner to make a house completely beautiful. Fault in a single part while decorating the house can spoil the overall beauty. One such thing which takes a significant part in home decoration is how the walls of the rooms are looking. Walls covers a major part of rooms and decorating them properly becomes very important if you want to make the overall look perfect.


There are many choices available when it comes to dealing with the walls and one of the most popular choices is textured wallpapers. Today, textured wallpapers have made it possible to make your home look stunning, alive and complete with wonderful design and effects. However, many people also get confused between painting or textured wallpapers while choosing an option for wall but according to current trend of Singapore, textured wallpapers are in huge demand. Not only is the look, applying textured wallpapers in your house is beneficial because of many other reasons. Let’s explore the benefits that you will be getting from textured wallpapers:

Advantages of Using Textured Wallpapers

The major benefits of choosing textured wallpapers include the following:

Facility to Choose from Enormous Design:

If you want to make your home look fashionable then nothing can be better than using textured wallpapers. You can choose any texture, attractive design, color, pattern, effects, shades and many more things according to your choice. Textured wallpapers give you the chance to add much nicer details to the walls compared to paint. You can also choose a wallpaper texture based on the theme and fixtures of your interior decoration to enhance the beauty of the rooms a bit more.

Long Lasting:

Wallpapers are much more durable in nature compared to painting. Good quality textured wallpapers can last from 10 to15 years. Wall paints fades much faster than wallpapers and they need more refurbishing compared to wallpaper which is not only costlier but also time consuming and tedious. If you are ready to make long term investment in your home decoration then you can definitely make your investment on textured wallpapers to sit comfortably at least for 10-15 years without thinking of refurbishing or changing them.



Textured wallpapers may seem costlier at the time of installing but if you compare it with painting then this medium is more economic than painting. As mentioned earlier, paints get faded very easily and they require refurbishing within every 3 to 4 years which becomes more expensive at the end. If you can invest on textured wallpapers then you don’t have to spend money for a very long time until you change them to new. On the other hand, there are many stores available in Singapore that allow users to exchange old wallpapers with new ones but only if the wallpapers are in a completely good condition physically and visibly. That means, if you are bored with your current wallpaper design then you can easily change them at low cost.

Facility to Customize Your Room:

Apart from design, they are also great if you want to customize your home in your own way. Custom touch in a house is always important as it allows people to give more personal touch in a room. Until you give your own preference to a room, you will not be able to feel the liveliness. By using textured wall design you can customize the walls by mixing and matching different designs or effects; but make sure they look fine. You can also look for a vendor who provides custom made wallpapers. You can ask them to make wallpapers with prints of your preference. This way you can impress your guests as well as make your home look livelier.

How to Install Textured Wallpapers

Installing wallpapers is quite tiresome according many people. But today, manufacturers are using modern technology to produce textured wallpapers which are easy to install as well as easy to remove. Maximum manufacturers are making wallpapers with one-step application process which allows homeowners to install wallpapers by their own. Now, there are many types of wallpapers are available which are pre-pasted. This type of wallpapers can be easily fixed just by cutting and dipping into water. But, installing wallpapers need time, patience and effort to bring proper look after installing. If you want clean and error free work without any kind of damage in the wallpapers then you can call experts to install wallpapers on the walls.


How to Choose the Proper Wallpaper for your Wall

There are a variety of textured wallpapers are available in market. Different manufacturers are offering different kinds of products with variety of designs and quality. If you want to get the perfect wallpaper for your house then you can follow these steps:

Choose the Proper Design:

The design or textures of the wallpapers will be completely depending on your choice. You can go for any kind of design including dots, bricks wall, landscapes, floral, geometric shapes, plaid, wood blocks, tiles and many more. You have to understand which one will fit into your home decoration. If you are confused about choosing the design you can also hire an interior designer to make the task easier for you.

Ensure the Quality of the Product:

Textured wallpapers don’t come so cheap and thus you have to make sure that the product you are purchasing will last for long in a good condition. There are different types and quality is present in wallpapers and you have to look for the best quality even if it comes quite costly because it will help you to save future costs. There are many types of wallpapers are available which are paintable which means you can paint them with your own favourite color.

Textured wallpapers are a great way to add complete beauty to any room you desire. By choosing a beautiful design you can bring live to any room of your house. If you are refurbishing your old home or making a new house, you can definitely think of using textured wallpapers to make your house look attractive, alive and complete.


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