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Building a home in Singapore should never be an end in itself. It is important to decorate it and give the right finish that will improve its appearance. Essentially, the walls play a very critical in the appearance of a home. If the walls are well decorated, they can completely alter and transform the appearance of your space. However, this depends on the approach you will take to give your walls the finish they deserve. There is usually the option of wallpaper or painting, and this is where confusion comes in. Most people do not know when to do the painting and when to use wallpaper. All in all, if you strike and make the right decision, you will achieve the best home appearance by creating a perfect wall look.


If you opt for wall painting, the type of color you choose is the ultimate determinant factor. For instance, the application of light pale color can change a dramatic room to become airy and soft. On the other hand, wallpaper may be all you will need to make a big room appear cosy and small. This can be easily achieved if you make use of dark wallpaper that features striking patterns. This goes to show that both wallpaper and painting have a role to play in your home. The only thing homeowners in Singapore are advised to do is to make the right choice depending on the results they want to achieve. In the end, whether you opt for wallpaper or paint, your room should benefit and be transformed according to your desires.

Advantages of wallpaper

One of the reasons why wallpaper will be a better option is because of its long lasting capabilities. If you take good care of wallpaper, it can last up to 15 years and beyond. As long as you select the genuine ones, they can be very cost effective when compared to painting. Other than that, proper hanging is also important. If you hang them in the right manner, they can last up to 3 times longer than paint. Another obvious advantage is the fact that wallpaper will definitely hide most of the surface imperfections because it adheres smoothly to the walls. Needless to say, the use of wallpapers is also good because it can add style, depth and warmth to a room. This is something that can hardly be achieved by ordinary painting.

Because wallpapers come in a wide variety in terms of design and patterns, the right selection is all you need to completely transform the appearance of your room. You can opt for chic designs, beautiful prints or intriguing textures to make the d├ęcor of your home even better. No matter the size and shape of space that you have, a wallpaper can create a new designer look. These are some of the reasons why a number of homeowners in Singapore have started embracing the use of wallpapers instead of traditional paint.


Disadvantages of wallpaper

Even though this option appears easy and more versatile, there are drawbacks associated with it. For starters, the use of wallpaper is time consuming when compared to painting. The process of applying it to the wall can take longer than expected. Moreover, you have to undergo the same process if you want to make a change because painting cannot be done over it. The same case has to happen if you want to change the design of the wallpaper and replace it with another style.

Large sheets of wallpapers become difficult and tedious to remove them from the wall. It requires stripping tools or chemicals to effectively remove them from the walls. Even more importantly, the person removing must be extremely cautious so that there is no damage on the walls. If you cannot do it yourself, there are many home improvement stores in Singapore that can give you guidelines or professionals to help in the process. Another disadvantage is the peeling effect. Wallpapers are usually applied with an adhesive and are likely to cause peeling, especially on high moisture surfaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

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Advantages of painting

Panting is easy to accomplish and can be done in a short time. Also, the overall cost of painting is fairly low when compared to the use of wallpapers. Moreover, the process of painting can be done easily without the need of professionals. As long as you have the basic tools such as brush and other supplies, you can do the painting alone. Furthermore, it is easy to paint over when you no longer need the same original color. You just have to apply another coat/layer on it, unlike wallpapers that will take a lot of effort to replace. If you also have areas in the house that need to have an inexpensive finish, an easy application of paint will do the job.

Disadvantages of painting

As usual, painting cannot go without its drawbacks. When walls get damaged or scratched, it becomes inevitable to do repainting or repairing in order to bring back the good appearance. Moreover, the use of paint means that you only have limited spectrum of finishes. This is unlike the use of wallpapers that feature an array of dazzling designs and a wide variety of beautiful effects. It is also possible to stain the floors, furniture, appliances and ceilings when you are doing the painting. According to experts, paint also releases volatile organic compounds(VOC) that can harm the human body.

The above disadvantages and advantages of these two options of wall finish can guide you to know the appropriate way to go. However, it is important to know that one can also incorporate both painting and wallpaper in one house or building. It will still be possible to strike the right balance and come up with a well-designed space. All in all, wallpaper can easily add design, color and character to a room. This is a fact that paint cannot easily achieve. Nonetheless, if you are a person who anticipates to change colors from time to time, a paintable wall will be the best option for you.


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