How To Remove Wallpaper Effectively?

Sometimes people use certain things to transform the looks of a space in Singapore, after removing the old things. But removing the old covering can be very easy sometimes but sometimes not. Similar is the case with removing wallpaper to paste the new one. It can be a messy job if not done perfectly. Wallpapers are normally used to beautify the living room and other important places in a home in Singapore. You can bring life to your room by using a paper cover of right pattern and colour which can give better look to your place than even a costly paint. But when they start looking ugly or you want to give more stylish look to your room then it becomes necessary to remove the old one to replace it with new and more attractive pieces.


Sometimes at first sight it looks easy to remove the old wallpaper, just by grabbing it and tear down it. But if you do not know how to remove the old wallpaper without exhausting your energy then it can be difficult to manage the entire process even after spending several hours on it. In such condition either you will have to compromise the situation and start living with unwanted wallpaper or search for some tricks that can help you in completing the job easily and effectively. Some tricks are discussed here under to help you in completing the task as soon as possible.

Preparing for removing the wallpaper

In order to prepare the room for removing its old wallpaper you should first of all pull away the furniture set in the room along its walls. If you do not need much space to work or your room is big enough then it is not necessary to move all of its furniture away from the walls. Now you can use a plastic drop cloth to cover the floor or carpet of the room to protect them from the loosened and dripping adhesives. You can use the tape used by painters to sick drop cloth safely with the trim so that it may not slip away while you are working on the wall. Now before starting to remove wallpaper you should remove all the switch plate covers and other outlets in the room, after turning off all the circuit breakers, and put them along with screws safely in a container so that they can be replaced after completing the task. Now you should pull out mounting brackets and nails as well as mirrors and pictures mounted on the walls of that room. Now your room is ready for removing its wallpaper.

Remove Wallpaper

Techniques of removing wallpaper
Using stripping solution

It is considered as a quick method to remove wallpaper for the people who want to use DIY methods for this purpose. In this method you will have to first of all score the wall by using a paper scoring tool which you can get from a nearby home improvement or hardware store. This tool will perforate the wallpaper by creating hundreds of small holes on it which will allow the stripping solution to get under the layer of paper covering on the wall to soften its adhesive.

Now before preparing the stripping solution available in the market as per the directions given on its package for removing wallpaper you should wear goggles and a pair of plastic gloves to ensure their protection from any chemical reaction. After preparing the solution you should dip a roller or paintbrush into the solution to dampen it and apply on the smaller section of the wall say up to 3-4 feet height. Now leave the solution on the wall for at least 10 minutes so that it can get underneath the paper on the wall effectively. Now take a metal putty knife to start stripping it away from one corner. You should use the knife upward in a sweeping motion to scrape away the paper covering on the wall effectively. After removing the wallpaper completely you should use soapy water to wipe away the residues from the exposed wall.

Remove Wallpaper Effectively

Use of alternative wallpaper removing solutions

There are certain other solutions that can be used instead of stripping solution available in the market for removing wallpaper effectively without damaging the furniture and floor of the room too much from the drips of these solutions. A non-toxic and inexpensive alternative to stripping solution is the mixtures of hot water and vinegar that can be used to remove the paper on the wall effectively. You can add two parts of vinegar in five parts of hot water to prepare this solution. The water used in this mixture should be very hot to increase the effectiveness of the solution as less hot water may not soften the adhesive sufficiently. In order to prepare another alternative solution to striping solution you can add one part of unscented fabric softener in one part hot water to remove the unwanted paper from the walls. Any of these solutions can be applied on the wallpaper as commercial stripping solution was applied. Thus you can remove the eyesore to the style of your home effectively and inexpensively.

Use steam to remove wallpaper

Another method to remove old wallpaper that can be used effectively as the alternative to stripping solution is steam. But it can be harmful for the user if he does not protect his skin by wearing long sleeved shirt and rubber gloves. You should use steamer carefully to avoid any mishap. Instead of buying you can rent a steamer to use on the wallpaper from a nearby home improvement or hardware store. The rental steamers are available at hourly and daily basis. You should prefer to hire it on daily basis as the time taken in completing the project cannot be predicted. Now start scoring the paper from the top of the wall. Now hold the steamer against the wall at its top corner until the adhesive gets soft and pulling the wallpaper from the wall becomes easier by using a metal scrapper or spatula. After completing the process you can use soapy water to remove the remnants of the adhesive from the exposed wall.

Thus the old wallpaper can be removed easily from the walls in Singapore to replace it with new one.


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