The Ultimate Guide On Choose Wallpaper

Do you want to install wallpaper in your home? What kind should you get? With a little research, you will unearth many benefits of interior wall decoration. Before choosing wallpaper, you should find out whether it is good for your home. You should not pick it because of its aesthetic appeal alone.


The following factors will help you to determine the appropriateness of wallpaper in your home:

.Cost –

wallpaper is expensive, but you can limit its installation to one wall. If you cannot afford to buy it for the whole house, just use paint on the rest of your walls.

.Adds personality –

wallpaper brings a room to life in a way that paint cannot. The large number of textures, colors, and designs bring about this personality.

.Trends –

wallpaper trends change constantly, and it would be hard to find the same pattern and design later when you want to do repairs. Although the same can be said about exotic paints, they are easier to find than entire wallpaper designs. Generally, wallpaper is not compatible with humid weather because it loosens the adhesive, causing it to sag. Moreover, wallpaper can absorb water and rot. Wallpaper exists in many different forms, making it easy to mix and match. This gives you the freedom to transform your home with any look. Different wallpapers withstand varying levels of cleaning such as washing and scrubbing. In most cases, however, cleaning wallpaper is just as easy as cleaning paint.

Different types of wallpaper
1. Vinyl coated wallpaper -

 this is the most common wall covering style. It is made when wallpaper is treated with polyvinyl chloride or acrylic vinyl. What is so great about it? It comes in easy-to-strip pieces, is durable, and can be backed by fabric. This wallpaper is better suited for areas that attract moisture as it protects the underlying design.

2. Flocked wallpaper -

this wallpaper has a velvet-like texture, with some parts of the design being embossed. This design is often seen in intricate, French-inspired patterns. Flock wallpaper is created by sticking tiny wool fiber particles onto wallpaper to create a velour texture. It is mostly decorative and does not provide durability or light resistance.

3. Peel and stick wallpaper-

this is a very pocket-friendly style as it is digitally printed and mass-manufactured. Peel and stick wallpaper varies from cut-out designs to full-size strips that are ready to be applied to your wall. This wallpaper is a great choice for temporary decoration in places such as kid’s bedrooms, because it is of low endurance and quality.

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4. Grass cloth wallpaper -

it is made from natural grasses woven together. This unusual wallpaper spots a textured and natural look that adds warmth to any room. Fixed onto paper backing, grass cloth wallpaper needs to be hung with heavy adhesive.

5. Solid sheet vinyl wallpaper -

this style is long lasting, strong, and easy to clean. For this reason, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, where water can destroy weak wallpaper easily.

Which factors should you consider when choosing wallpaper?

1. Room style:

Which room are you decorating? If you want a romantic feel, opt for floral patterns and delicate damasks. For traditional room styles, choose intricate damasks or stripes to complement your furniture and décor.

How are you going to install the wallpaper? Here are two options:

2. How you plan to use the wallpaper:
.Feature one wall –

when featuring one wall, pick bold patterns to draw attention to certain areas of a room, such as the bed or sofa. Designs with a touch of gloss, metallic, or mica are glamorous and classy.

.Cover all walls –

when covering all four walls, choose simple styles that are not overwhelming. A simple stripe design on your walls will give any room a fresh, modern look.

3. Purpose of the room:

People usually prefer quiet colors in their bedrooms and lively ones in their living spaces. Considering the purpose of a room will ensure that your choice has the best durability. For instance, a fragile paper would be better for a guest bedroom than a teenager’s room. Choose vinyl papers for high-moisture and high-traffic areas – such as steamy kitchens and bathrooms – because they are easy to clean.

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4. Scale of a space:

long vertical patterns look better on high walls, but not as great on low ones.

5. Room brightness:

how bright is the space? Busy and dark wallpapers can make an already tiny room appear more cramped. To avoid this, you should use bright colored papers for dark rooms.

6. How often you redecorate:

if you plan to redecorate less than once every three years, you should opt for removable wallpaper. You should also use cheaper wallpaper to save on money in the long run.

7. Making a statement:

do you want to make a big statement or not? If the idea of using wallpaper makes you nervous, put it on half a wall then paint the remaining half. To make it easier to warm up to the idea, use light and simple patterns. However, if you want to take a risk, use bold patterns to make a statement. Statement wallpaper can have an astonishing effect on visitors. You can also opt for removable wallpaper on other surfaces, including counter-tops and drawer fronts.

8. Do it yourself:

if you want to apply the paper yourself, consider using the removable and easy-to-apply type. Peel and stick wallpaper is best for do-it-yourself projects. To install other types of wallpapers, you should consider hiring a professional. When something goes wrong during a do-it-yourself application process, you will have to start over.

9. Material:

areas with high levels of traffic and moisture are best suited to solid vinyl and vinyl-coated wallpaper, because they are non-breathable, easier to clean and stain-resistant. For low-moisture areas, on the other hand, non-breathable and breathable wallpaper can be used interchangeably. Fabric wallpaper is best for living rooms and bedrooms, but keep in mind that it is harder to apply.

10. Color and texture:

look at your décor and furnishings to determine which wallpaper you should use. Dark colors make rooms a lot cozier while light ones make them look bigger. Textured wallpapers disguise flawed and uneven walls.


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