Different Types Of Wallpaper

A room's interior has to convey a presentable and serene appearance all the time. A home owner has to be very careful when choosing home interior accessories in order to pick those that enhance a home’s elegance. The same applies when decorating offices and buildings. A predominant interior accessory is wallpaper. Nowadays, wallpapers have become adorable for many people because they are dynamic and can be used in various contexts. Wallpapers come in all types of patterns and colors. The wallpapers are readily available for purchase both in market stores and online stores. Modern technology has also contributed to production of wallpapers with creative designs and textures. Thus the current wallpapers add charm to interior design. This article seeks to share with readers the different types of wallpapers.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers

These wallpapers are available in a wide assortment of colors. When compared with other types of wallpapers, they have greater power. Their power is supported by qualities such as: greater sturdiness, simplicity in cleaning. Their fire retardant ability also makes them superior.

Solid Vinyl wallpaper

Its material is entirely vinyl. To attach it to a wall, the back part should be removed. This method applies if the wallpaper is self-stick. For a pre-pasted wallpaper, wetting is first done then it is attached to the wall. For a non-pasted wallpaper, an extra paste has to be applied after which it is hang onto a wall. Its distinct qualities are:
1. Extremely durable-it is not affected by wear, tear and scratches.
2. It is water resistant thus suitable for rooms-kitchen, bathrooms/toilets- where the levels of wetness are significantly high.
3. The process of cleaning it is easy and quick.

Vinyl Coated

It is believed to be the most sought after wallpaper for home interior. Its material is paper which is strengthened by acrylic vinyl coating. Its features include:
1. It can be scrubbed without fear it will get torn.
2. It is unaffected by grease, heat and water.
3. Idea contexts for hanging it are: bathrooms, bedrooms for children and kitchens.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

Paper backed vinyl

This wallpaper has a paper backing that is glued to vinyl. When mounting this wallpaper to a wall, caution has to be exercised. Mounting it on walls where moisture occurs in excess reduces its strength. When the wallpaper frequently comes into contact with the excess moisture, it eventually dismounts from the wall. Some of its features are:
1. It is thick thus more durable.
2. Stain resistant and waterproof.
3. Inapplicable for bathrooms fitted with few or no exhaust fans.

Fabric backed vinyl

It is made of woven fabric backing that is attached to solid vinyl. Its features include:
1. Long lasting hence preferred for commercial settings such as learning institutions, offices and hospitals.
2. Easily scrubbed and cleaned.
3. Suitable for rough walls because it conceals any flaws on the walls.

Flocked wallpapers

These wallpapers have existed for many years. Over the years, their preference as interior decorations has been unsteady. In the past, their preference was popular while other times it declined. Currently, they are starting to find their way back to homes and other settings due to improvements that have occurred in the wallpaper sector. Traditionally, they were designed by gluing wool by product to fabric. In the modern world, they are designed by netting rayon, nylon materials against an adhesive cover. A few characteristics of flocked wallpapers are:
1. Available in both soft and hard textures. The soft texture types resemble velvet. The hard texture types have a rugged feel.
2. Ideal places to hang in a home are dining areas and living rooms.
3. They are hard to wash.

Grass cloth wallpapers

These are naturally made wallpapers. They are designed with help of fibers and reeds such as silk and sisal. The type of natural grass used impacts on the final texture of these wallpapers. Creation of these wallpapers involves weaving together reeds and fibers. A thin cotton thread is used in weaving. Lastly, the reeds and fibers are pasted onto a paper backing. Key characteristics of these wallpapers are:
1. A very thick and shiny texture which hides imperfections on walls.
2. Ideal for homes and commercial buildings.
3. Simple to mount on walls provided a thick and strong paste is used.
4. They are susceptible to stains and cannot be washed.

Different Types Of Wallpaper

Foil wallpapers

These wallpapers are created by using a metallic surface. This surface makes the wallpapers to achieve a shiny look. The chosen design for these wallpapers is screen printed on the metallic surface. These wallpapers have to be skillfully hanged. The foil is a very thin material which if handled carelessly when hanging it can easily get torn. The foil conducts electric current. It should not be hang near a switch. Outstanding features of these wallpapers are:
1. They are able to hide most of the imperfections on walls.
2. They give a room a modern appearance.
3. Become more durable once mounted on walls.
4. They can be removed from walls in full strips.

Nonwoven wallpapers

They combine synthetic and natural fibers in their design. They easily blend in a room because they have the following attributes:
1. Simple to repair and hang on walls.
2. They do not cause damage to walls when removed.
3. No chemicals are need to dismount them from the walls.
4. They are eco-friendly and can be washed.

Lining paper

This wallpaper is used on walls and ceilings that are undecorated. When hanging a wallpaper, the lining paper has to hang in a reverse way. The basic uses of this wallpaper are:
1. To prepare walls and ceilings for painting by concealing visible faults.
2. To prepare walls for adornment with decorative wallpapers.
3. To conceal previous paintings that were of shouting colors prior to hanging a wallpaper of a light color tone.

In conclusion, there is an ideal wallpaper for everyone as many varieties of wallpapers are available. Getting the right wallpaper for your office, apartment or condo is possible with massive research. For example: reading interior design catalogues enables you to narrow down on the type of wallpaper you want. Likewise, consultation with interior design experts is helpful in determining the most resilient wallpaper.


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