7 Mistakes To Avoid On Choosing Modern Style Wallpaper

Some houses always make us happy. It happened with all of us. But do you have ever wondered why you feel so relaxing? The reason is pretty simple. It’s all about the decor and colour choices for the interiors. These days a new sensation has emerged and people are now keener to stick decorating papers on their walls. We all have the desires to decorate the walls with colourful wallpapers. Singapore is there in the top position for using wallpapers on their walls constantly. Perfect wallpapers can give our eyes a soothing effect and certain positivity run through the whole house. But there are some rules regarding this application of wallpapers. One has to abide by some interior decoration rules to do it flawlessly.


Here we described top 7 mistakes that all people do whilst placing their wallpapers on their walls. We have also given some quick solution for those problems as well.

1. The mix and match era has already gone:

The era has already passed when all items were matched with each other. Now came the contrasting period and interior decoration is also a part of it. If you design your room with same colour walls and furniture, it can look boring and tedious. Suppose you put greyish wallpaper in your living room. The best contrast would be something colourful against it.
Place all accessories and furniture shaded, red, pink or orange. A simple wallpaper design adds the most warmth and depth to a room. So never go overboard with the utilisation of wallpapers on walls. This is the golden rule; you should follow before selecting a decorating wall paper for your interior decorations. If you follow the guidance then the look of your house will be completely altered.

2. No dark coloured paper for drawing room:

The drawing room is an open yet bigger place. These places should need to be looked as large as possible.
- Dark colour wallpapers are the worst choice for drawing rooms.
- Your drawing room can look smaller, depressing and claustrophobic. Nobody wants to feel such experiences in life. All they want is a quick solution to this problem. The solution procedures area s follows.
- Always go for those wall paper prints which have large designs.
- Trees and birds are the great options of wallpapers for drawing rooms. The larger prints are able to create an optical illusion and can make one room look bigger in size.
- Dark coloured wallpapers are not even good for the bedrooms. It kills the positivity of a house. So stay away from dark shaded wallpapers in near future.


3. Total white can never be a good solution:

White walls look classy but if one wants to have an energising experience then colourful walls are their ultimate choice. Dab a pinch of yellow or green colour on the wall and form something abstract in art. It will look thousands time better than the all white appearance. If you have the desire to be especially daring, opt for somewhat darker in shades. On the other hand, while utilising darker shades or decorative wall papers, don’t stick on all your walls of a space particularly if the space is not big. You can choose wall accent shades as they are very famous for providing right colour choices to people.

4. Never follow the trends:

If one follows his own way then nothing can beat that success. If you are keen on remodelling all your walls then choose wallpapers on your own. Suppose the block prints are in the trend and you just run to snatch the same piece for your room walls. If you do the same thing, it might turn into a disaster. If a person blindly follows the hot fashion choices, he risks losing what crafts your room exclusive and distinctive. Owning a fashionable and designer place might be the main concern, but attempting to slot in the hot trends into your design in minute methods. You know your house more than any other people. It would be better to select your own colour preference for the decorative wallpapers.

5. Flat look wallpaper is a big NO:

Though the design of the wallpapers completely depends on upon one’s choice but there is always confusion between textured and flat wall paper. WE are suggesting picking the textured one. Textured papers are the perfect weapon in covering deficiencies. Mostly all the textured wall papers are designed with monochromatic painting. The flat wallpaper is also very famous in Singapore. The flat wallpapers are crafted with metallic and glossy effects. Textured ones are there to offer simple look where the flat wallpapers are glossier. Simple designs look better than the flat ones. That is the reason why we are supporting and promoting textured walls.

Modern Style Wallpaper

6. The temperature also matters:

The application of wall wallpapers depends on the temperatures. Singapore is quite a bit hot place and summer is not the perfect time to cover walls with decorative paper patterns.
- If there is a scorching sun outside, it affects the interior portion as well.
- The wallpapers are basically stuck with adhesive and excessive hotness can lessen its sticky effect.
- Fresh weather or winter is the best time for placing wallpapers on all other walls. Stretch the wallpaper well.
- If you don’t stretch it properly then air bubble might enter and can harm the wall to a great extent.

7. Wallpapers can’t cover any patchy marks on wall:

If your wall is filled up with patchy marks and you are planning to hide this, using decorative wallpapers then this is the worst thing you are doing. Wallpapers are transparent and they cannot able to hide the marks. So wall primers are very important in this case. If your wall is filled up with dirt, mould or blotches the priming the walls are the ultimate solution here. If you don’t have sufficient money for wall primer then use wallpapers with lining effects.

We hope that you are now aware of wallpapers mistakes. Remodelling your house with wallpapers is the best idea and can prove beneficial for your health as well. Never indulges yourself in those depicted faults. If you follow our quick solutions then you will be able to make your house the most desirable one and people would get better after coming to your abode.


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