Benefits of Wallpaper

Wallpapers are decorative accessories that are normally pasted over walls. These products have been around since the 18th century and they are now just making a comeback. Previously, there was a misconception that they are not stylish or fashionable enough. However, modern wallpapers contain everything that would be perfect for any interior décor. So, if you are considering using them, below are some of the benefits of wallpaper.

Benefits of Wallpaper

1. They are Available in Many Types

There are many types of wallpapers depending on materials. The most common ones include:

they can be hand or digitally-printed. These wallpapers are available in numerous patterns and colors. Although they are affordable, printed wallpapers easily get worn out. They are normally ink-based hence not suitable for use in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Liner or lining:
they are made of fiberglass or paper. Liner wallpapers can be used as the base of delicate wallpapers or just alone. They are great at hiding various wall defects such as cracks.

they normally give the wall shiny metallic effects. These wallpapers are so fragile. For instance, they cannot hide wall defects. Additionally, you need to carefully install them otherwise you will end up ruining their reflectivity.

it’s an eco-friendly wallpaper that’s hand-crafted. Bamboo wallpapers come in several hues thanks to their versatile natural base.

it contains a printed paper base that’s coated with vinyl. Vinyl is very popular thanks to its high durability. It’s able to withstand moisture hence its perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Subtly Hides Imperfection

Wallpaper provides a subtle way of hiding wall imperfections, especially if you are living in an old apartment. Although paint does a good job, it cannot hide massive cracks. A wallpaper, on the other hand, will perfectly cover the unattractive cracks, blemishes, stains, and smudges. In case of dirt, most of them can be cleaned with just water. Besides that, the patterns provide a great way of hiding dirt.

3. Highly Durable

This is one of the top benefits of wallpaper. Modern wallpapers are designed for long-lasting use. Some of them can last for up to 15 years. Compared to paints, these products don’t need retouch after every other year.
Note: to ensure your wallpapers last for long, avoid placing them in places prone to water or moisture e.g. near kitchen sinks and bathrooms. This is because moisture will cause them to quickly peel from the wall.

4. Cost-Effective Alternatives

Although wallpapers have higher installation costs than paint, they are still cost-effective alternatives. First, they don’t require maintenance. Secondly, there are wallpaper products for any kind of budget. The high product demand for wallpapers has led to the manufacturing of different models for different budgets. Additionally, more and more brands are selling wallpapers to cater to different customer needs.

5. They Can Be Easily Removed

You can take down your wallpaper at any time you want. The removal process doesn’t require prior planning. Once you remove it, you can still paste a new wallpaper of even go ahead and paint the wall.

6. They Suit All Types of Walls

You can conveniently paste wallpaper to any surface. Whether you have a concrete, painted surface, wooden, plaster, mud brick, prefabricated, or brick wall, wallpaper is still suitable. It’s highly versatile and perfectly suits any kind of surface. Additionally, you can use it to cover a small or large portion of the room. There are basically no rules.

Benefits of Wallpaper

7. Versatility in Texture, Colors, and Patterns

Wallpapers come in a wide array of patterns and colors. You can choose one depending on your color preference as well as artistic design. Besides that, these products are available in several textures including velvet, marble, and brick. The combination of these three features helps to add a whole new dimension to any room.

8. They are Beautiful Artistic Accessories

Most people normally use them to create personal themes. Apart from enhancing the appearance of the room, you can use it as a complementary accessory to your furniture, appliances, cushions, pillows, and even flooring.

their versatility makes them the perfect accessory for rental spaces, dorms, and temporary apartments. They are perfect for creating short-term customized themes.

Versatility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness are some of the features that make wallpapers popular. They suit all types of apartments and cater to all types of budgets. Additionally, they come in numerous forms, hence they perfectly cater to different user preferences.

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