Add Life to Your Boring Walls by Adding Charm of Stylish Wallpapers

When it comes to decorating or redesigning houses, every house owner wants the best for making their houses beautiful. Besides selecting the best and finest thing for their house, they also want it to be durable enough to last for a long time. Thus, when it comes to choosing wallpapers or paint for the walls, majority of the people in Singapore choose the former one. Initially, choosing wallpapering your entire home can be a bit higher investment than that of the paints. It is cost effective thus you will save money in long run. Moreover, wallpapers can add a lot of charm and style to those boring walls as well.


Different Wallpapers To Choose From

There are different types of wallpapers available in the market from which you can choose your favorite ones. With those wallpapers, you will be able to decorate your home wonderfully and stylishly. Here are some of the best types of wallpapers to choose from:

1. Waterproof PVC Silk:
There is a type of wallpaper available which provides silk material with waterproof feature. This is perfect for the homes of Singapore. Since it is a hot and humid country it has a lot of moisture in the air and even it rains a lot. Thus, waterproof wallpaper will not only help to prevent any kind of damp and moisture to damage your wallpaper but also it will retain its beauty. There are varieties of designs available on these waterproof wallpapers that will help you to decorate your room as well as protect it from moisture. The silk texture also gives a smooth and elite look.

2. Laminated wallpaper:
The laminated ones are ideal for giving a perfect finish and professional touch to any home. It looks great with bold colors, interesting patterns and even simple designs. They are appropriate for living area or kitchen as these are very easy to clean. The texture provides the look of classy wallpaper. So, if you are looking for stylish wallpapers then it is great if you can look for laminated ones. These are safe for indoor air quality.

3. Fire proof:
These are the best wallpapers that provide environment friendly appearance. It helps to control fire. Since it is fireproof, fire cannot spread via these wallpapers. This is a high end functional wallpaper which also can provide luxury and elegance.

What Are The Benefits Of Wallpaper?

If you are wondering why to spend on wallpapers to get decorate your house then there are a lot of reasons behind it. It has a lot of benefits that you cannot ignore. Some of them are –

· Cost effective:
Though the installation of wallpapers is quite expensive, they are a good investment. If you spend a lot of money on colors it might get fade or wear away with time. But a good-quality wallpaper like waterproof or laminated ones can last you for a long time. Thus, eventually you will end up investing in a feature which in the long run will help you to save up to 30% more compared to that of paints.


· Add style and charm:
No doubt that these wallpapers can add an elegance and beauty to your boring walls. It will definitely brighten up your room and reflect your taste and choices. Make sure that the wallpapers go perfectly with the interior of your house. This is something very important to look for.

· Varieties of options:
Unlike paints, you can choose various options like laminated, fire-proof, water-proof, silk, eco-friendly etc. So you can choose the one you want for your house. Looking at the weather and climatic condition in Singapore, it will better to choose the waterproof one.

· Anti-bacterial& mold proof
: Even if you want then there are certain wallpaper services that provide antibacterial and mold-proof wallpapers. This is the best option to choose for the people in Singapore. Due to high humidity, there are high chances of mold growth and thus mold proof wallpapers will be the best.

· No harmful emission:
Unlike the painted walls, there are many wallpapers that do not emit harmful emissions. It is best for your health especially if there are babies or kids at your home. So, choosing 100% natural and stylish wallpapers is the best solution.

Custom-made Wallpapers

The best thing about the wallpapers is that you can choose the material of your own and customize it in your way. If you choose waterproof PVC silk wallpaper then you can customize the size, looks, color and design on your own. You can give it a brick like pattern as well as some bold patterns in a color of your own choice. This will look really gorgeous. Only thing that you have to take care of is to choose the best wallpaper company for decorating your home. It has to be experienced and reliable enough. Just make sure it understands your needs and requirements properly.


Customized wallpapers are the best. It goes perfectly with your home’s interior and you can also give your creativity a chance to enhance the boring walls of your house. There are many services that provide artistic touch to your interior with varieties of wallpapers according to your choice. Whether you like bold colors with simple abstract pattern or light color with some bold patterns or anything, you can get it with the help of the customization option. But while looking for the best service you have to make sure that you do all the essential researches. These are – checking their past projects/works, reading the feedbacks from clients, experience and reliability etc.


So, these are the different types and benefits of the wallpapers for your house walls. Choose one of the most stylish wallpapers with great looks and longevity. If you want to customize according to your own style and needs then also you have that option available. But make sure that you are getting the best service to do this customization for you. Otherwise you will not be able to get the one you want. A little bit of good investment can end up giving a lot of benefits to your health, home’s safety as well as to the aesthetic factor of your house.


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