8 Worst Mistakes People Make When Installing Wallpaper

Wallpapers are very popular interior decoration materials used in homes, workplaces and business outlets. These decorators were very common in the 19th and 20th centuries. The installation was primarily handled by homeowners who also ordered and selected their preferred choices. In the 21st century, wallpapers became less popular when construction started to depict much professionalism. Wallpapers were and are still used to hide wall imperfections, although modern designs aim at adding aesthetic appeal. Most people do not know how to effectively install wallpaper and often make various mistakes during the process. 8 of the worst mistakes people make include:

Installing Wallpaper

1. Ordering before measuring the space

This is a very common mistake people make. The thought of installing wallpaper and its many benefits can be quite overwhelming. Many people go ahead and purchase wallpaper rolls before measuring the walls where it will be installed. This can result in over-spending or buying small sizes. It also makes it difficult to determine how to effectively cut-off extra pieces. You will still need to measure the wall before installation in order to use the correct size. Installing wallpapers without measuring the wall can be quite involving and tiring. It is advisable to first know how much space you are dealing with and what sizes are suitable for that space.

2. Not ordering enough wallpaper

Wallpapers are usually sold in rolls that have overhung provisions at the top and bottom to allow matching of the next pattern. Measuring the walls and ordering according to exact measurement will result in shortage. It is advisable to buy about 25% extra wallpaper to carter for the overhung and factors such as damages and accidental tears. This will ensure you have enough paper for the entire wall you want to cover. If you are installing wallpapers for the first time, you are likely to make several mistakes that will require redoing the work or cutting off other parts to install correctly. You will therefore need more wallpaper.

3. Failing to prepare the surface

While wallpaper will hide defects and imperfections of the wall, there is no excuse for untidiness. Many people fail to prepare the surface on which installation will be done. There is no specific reason why people ignore the cleaning aspect of wallpaper installing. It is important to prep the surface and remove any moisture, mildew and mold. Prepping also entails installing wallpaper liners that will hold it in place. Textured walls may also need scrapping to make them smooth for a viable surface that allows installation. Ensure you clean the walls, remove potential causes of damage and make the surface ready for installation.

4. Failure to match lot numbers

This is another discouraging mistake that many people make when installing wallpapers. You should choose wallpaper rolls from the same lot number in order to achieve a linear pattern and tone that seamlessly spreads across the entire wall. However, some people will just pick any good looking wallpaper without regard for the lot number. Usually, this results in wallpapers that are not optimally patterned or arranged simply because the lot numbers do not match. Rolls in a lot are designed to match and spread optimally on each other. The overhung is specific for rolls in that particular lot and may not fit well with others. Returning wallpapers can be difficult and finding other matching lots will also take more time. Ensure you get it right during the first purchase.

Installing Wallpaper

5. Assigning little time

It is not unpopular for people to underestimate the workload involved in wallpaper installations. Most homeowners still perceive the easy-to-hung traditional wallpaper that needed no techniques or skills to accomplish. However, modern homes and designs require additional techniques is optimal coverage is to be achieved. Complete installation can take a lot of time depending on your project’s scope. Activities like re-surfacing and liner installation may all be necessary before installation. You should therefore plan in advance and schedule enough time for installation.

6. Thinking DIY is as effective as professional installation

Simply put, some people will bite more than they can chew. There are many cases where do-it-yourself wallpaper installation has gone out of hand. If you project to repair an area or install wallpaper in a small wall surface balloons out of your control, it may be best to contract professional assistance. Wallpaper installation does not exactly demand professional assistance. However, first time installers have a lot to learn and installation is not as easy as many would have you believe. Sometimes the wall peels off with old wallpaper or one corner crinkles. This may require more time to fix without spoiling the entire wallpaper. Seeking professional assistance is highly recommendable to avoid wasting your investment when things go wrong. Professionals have no option but to be accountable for any losses and damages.

7. Thinking top-down

This is a common newbie mistake. .Most newbie installers install wallpapers from top down hopping to achieve optimal spread which is a big mistake. Wallpapers spread best when smoothened from the center. This prevents air bubbles from getting trapped under the wallpaper before it dries. If you realize trapped air bubbles after the paper has dried, add little water to the area until soft and prick the bubble to release air.

8. Throwing extras

Once you have cut the correct sizes to be installed and confirmed that the paper size will cover entire wall, many installer will disregard extra components, throw them away or dispose them inconsiderably. However, wallpapers may trap air bubbles or form crinkles in corners. The paper also shrinks as it dries and may not fit as originally anticipated. It is therefore important to keep the remaining pieces of paper as they can be sued in repair of damaged parts. You are not going to need a complete reinstallation for small sectional cuts and damages. Since finding new exact matches of your existing pattern and paper will be more difficult in the future, the wise decision is to safely store remaining extra pieces of paper.


Wallpaper installation can result in aesthetic interior and exterior decorations, although this is only possible when done correctly. Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will ensure you prevent wastages and end up with seamless, optimal spread wallpaper that meets your requirements. Always purchase from credible and licensed businesses that can guarantee high quality papers and accessories.


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